E-Mail Help

Students at the University of Denver are issued email addresses but are not issued email storage space; any messages sent to the student's email addresses are automatically forwarded to the student's preferred off-campus email provider.

Every staff and faculty member at the University of Denver is given an Exchange account through which to use electronic mail (email) services. Accounts are created automatically -- you do not need to initiate the process. DU provides access to your e-mail through the Web via WebOutlook, and you can also configure your email client to work with other software -- such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Instructions are included here for several popular software packages.

In response to concerns regarding the use of DU email accounts and the associated costs with running an in-house email forwarding system, DU has elected to expire student email accounts 290 days after graduation. The University recognizes there are providers who are better equipped to meet the growing demand for ever-increasing storage capacity and endless account lifespan.

Alumni wishing to continue to receive email communications from the University may still provide a preferred off-campus email address via http://www.alumni.du.edu. Please call the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-800-871-3822 if you need assistance.