Configuring Exchange 2007 accounts with Apple Mail 4 (bundled with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard)

Launch Apple Mail. You can find the stamp icon on your dock, or do a spotlight search in the upper right for Mail.

If this is your first time launching the program, you will be presented with the following screen:

Enter your account information here, using the password that will allow you to access

If you have already added an account to Mail, use the Mail menu at the top of your screen to get to Preferences. From there click on the Accounts tab. Here it will list your existing accounts on the left, with a + button beneath. Press that button to add a new account.

Account Type: Exchange 2007
Description: DU Exchange
Incoming Mail Server:
User Name: (your domain (cair/nsm/du) user name, generally in the firstname.lastname format)
Password: (your domain password)

note: if your firstname.lastname does not work, please include your domain in the User Name field, example: CAIR\firstname.lastname or DU\ilastnam

Press Continue, and configure additional exchange options if you want to enable iCal and Address Book contacts syncing with DU Exchange server.

Review that your account setting information is correct and click on "Create"