Students, faculty and staff at the University of Denver are eligible to receive the following accounts:


Once a new student's deposit has been received by the University, email addresses will be issued. The University of Denver is pleased to offer student email inboxes through Office 365, which provide 50 gigabytes of inbox storage, in addition to several other benefits. More information, including setup instructions, can be found here

Once a new benefited employee's paperwork has been processed by Human Resources, Exchange mailboxes and email addresses will be set up. When the new account has been entered into the email system, a postal letter containing login information for new student/staff will be sent. Accounts for non-benefited employees are not created automatically. Supervisors can request an account for a non-benefited employee by contacting the UTS Help Center at (303) 871-4700. 


Once your email address has been issued, a Blackboard account will be created for you. For more information on gaining access to your Blackboard account, please visit the D.U. Blackboard pages at http:/


Internet Access is available for all students both on and off campus, via modem, ethernet, and wireless. For more information on gaining access to the Internet, please click on the "Online Support" link on the left-hand side of this page, then click "Network Access."


Banner Accounts must be approved through your department. If you need additional information or forms, please visit the Banner Web pages at:


All enrolled students and current faculty/staff are automatically provided space for a personal Web site. Visit the Web services pages for info.


Oracle accounts are given to students who are enrolled in specific courses. Your instructor will give you the appropriate information for gaining access to your Oracle account.