Cable TV FAQ

Q. Do I need to program my HD TV to receive the Comcast channel lineup?

A. No not really but be sure to connect the Comcast supplied cable box to your TV and set the channel on the TV for either 3 or 4 and set the channel selector on the cable box to that corresponding channel.  After that you can use the Comcast remote to change channels on the cable box. Note: the Comcast remote can also be programmed to control the power on/off and volume of the TV set by following these steps: 1) TV on, 2) point remote towards TV, 3) press and hold SET until the Red light blinks twice then release SET, 4) Enter in 9-9-1.  The Red light will blink twice, 5) press CH + until the TV turns off, 6) after TV turns off, press SET to lock in code on remote.

Q. What should I do if my screen shows a "service interruption" message and/or the cable box light is flashing?

A. The cable box probably needs to be activated, so please call Comcast at 1-888-895-6504 and they may be able to get it going by sending a signal to "wake-it" up.  Be sure to have the serial number of the box (located on the bottom), name of residence, street address of building and room number. 

Q. My cable box doesn't come on.

A. Make sure the power cord is plugged into the power slot in the back of the cable box and to the wall outlet.  Unfortunately, the IR remote slot is also in the back of the cable box so do not plug the power cord into there, otherwise the box will not come on.   Once it is on and working the light should be solid and not flashing.  If flashing, please call Comcast @ 1-888-895-6504.

Q. I want to upgrade my current service.

A. Please call Comcast at 1-888-895-6504 ask about getting an upgrade to the current service in your room such as On Demand, High Definition, or a Digital Video Recorder.  Remember you will be a direct customer once you have signed the contract and/or accepted the equipment and will therefore be required to pay any additional fees.   DU pays for the basic service offered in the room.

Q. I can't find my remote or power cord.

A. If your Comcast-supplied set-top box, electrical power-brick, remote control, or coaxial cables are damaged or missing please contact the Department of Housing & Residential Education at 303-871-2246.

Q. Is there a support request process for getting some assistance in getting help to resolve my cable TV problem?

A. Yes, please visit

Please report service problems by filling out our Cable TV Request Form or calling the CATV Hotline at 303-871-3865 (x1-3865 from on campus)