Building Forms

For templated sites that are managed in DU's content management system, OmniUpdate OU Campus (OU), and do not have HTML editing permissions please submit a Support Request to have UTS build a form for you. Please be as detailed as possible regarding the structure and content of the form along with any necessary email addresses.

For users with HTML editing permisssions, there are numerous online resources to help build a form. To handle form data behind the scenes, we use CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts that require no programming on your part. These scripts allow you to send the form data in an email or deposit it in a text data file. In either case, all you need is an html form, a simple text file that you create, and the right path to the cgi script in your form tag.

Detailed instructions on building a form with cgiemail can be found at

Note: if a form on your site is receiving a daily volume of spam, please submit a Support Request and UTS will modify the form to help block future spam attempts.

Simple Form Instructions

The <form> tag:

<form method="POST" action="[your site directory]/feedback.txt" name="feedbackForm">

Sample "Required" form element:

<input type="text" name="required-first_name" size="30" maxlength="45" value="">

Adding Success & Failure pages (optional):

<input type="hidden" name="success" value="[your site directory]/success.html">
<input type="hidden" name="failure" value="[your site directory]/failure.html">

Sample .txt file (this controls the format of the email sent to the intended recipients of the form):
(Remember to put form field names in brackets, exactly as they are stated on the form.)

From: [Email]
Subject: Web Form -- What ever this is about
Every line below the subject line, will be printed in the email message.

NAME: [required-first_name] [mid_intl] [required-last_name]

[required-city], [required-state] [required-zip]

PHONE #: ([areacode]) [prefix]-[suffix]

EMAIL: [required-email]