Web Training

The University offeres a variety of opportunities to get you up-to-speed on DU web-based applicatons and improve your web skills.

DU's Content Management System, OmniOpdate Campus (OU)

Resources for editing and maintaining your www.du.edu website using DU's content management system, OmniUpdate (OU). If you are ready to create or redesign a www.du.edu website, contact University Communications.

DU webCentral

To arrange a training session or consultation for your department or organization regarding webCentral announcements/bulk emails, calendars, community groups, targeting content, single sign-on access from webCentral to your DU application -- or anything else related to DU's portal, contact info-webcentral.

General web skills / courses

Programs like the Web Design and Development master’s degree specialty or Emergent Digital Practices, and programs/courses offered through the Daniels College of Business or the School of Engineering and Computer Science provide advanced studies in web- and digital media-related fields.

Related Links to DU web-based applications & resources

Banner Training

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