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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS)

areas of study

Degree Programs


CAHSS offers more than 25 undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree-granting programs for students who care about getting a well-rounded education and leading meaningful lives, personally and professionally.

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Areas of Study

CAHSS students and alumni are using their degrees to improve the world as art creators and curators, musicians, public-policy analysts, psychologists, public relations and marketing experts, writers and editors, educators, theater directors and many other roles. Check out what our alumni are up to.

Choose from more than 70 undergraduate or graduate degrees or four PhD programs. We also offer several certificate programs and one program of concentration, plus minors are offered in most areas of study. 

Browse our degree programs below. Select the clickable icon beside each area of study to learn more about the degrees we offer and admissions information. 

For questions about our graduate programs please call 303-871-2249, email us or request more information.

AHSS Schools and Departments

Anthropology BA MA   Minor  
Art and Art History     
Art History BA MA   Minor  
Art History (Museum Studies Concentration)   MA      
Pre-Art Conservation BFA        
Studio Art BA/BFA        
Communication Studies BA MA PhD Minor  
Economics BA MA   Minor  
Emergent Digital Practices BA/BFA MA/MFA   Minor  
English and Literary Arts     
English and Literary Arts BA MA PhD Minor  
History BA     Minor  
Judaic Studies Concentration     Minor  
Languages and Literatures     
Chinese       Minor  
French and Francophone Studies BA     Minor  
German BA     Minor  
Hebrew       Minor  
Italian BA     Minor  
Japanese       Minor  
Latin       Minor  
Russian BA     Minor  
Spanish BA     Minor  
Lamont School of Music
Artist's Diploma         Certificate
Composition BM MM   Minor  
Conducting   MM     Certificate
Jazz Studies and Commercial Music BM       Certificate
Music BA MM   Minor  
Musicology   MA      
Music Theory   MA      
Orchestral Studies         Certificate 
Performance BM MM     Certificate
Piano Pedagogy   MM      
Suzuki Pedagogy    MM     Certificate
Media, Film and Journalism Studies     
Film Studies & Production BA     Minor  
International & Intercultural Communication   MA      
Journalism Studies BA        
Media and Public Communication   MA      
Media Studies BA        
Strategic Communication BA        
Philosophy BA     Minor  
Political Science BA     Minor  
Psychology BA/BS   PhD Minor  
Publishing Institute         Certificate
Religious Studies BA MA   Minor Graduate Certificate
Sociology and Criminology     
Criminology BA     Minor  
Sociology BA     Minor  
Theatre BA     Minor  

Dual-degree, Joint and Interdisciplinary Programs 

Our dual-degree, joint and interdisciplinary programs prepare you for careers that combine various CAHSS programs' skills and disciplines or blend them with those in the fields of business, international relations, theology, law and education.

Art & Art History
Art History & Museum Studies     MA  
Studio Art/Curriculum & Instruction K-12 Art Teacher
Certification with Morgridge College of Education
  BFA MA  
Asian Studies  Minor BA    
Critical Race & Ethnic Studies  Minor      
Economics with Daniels College of Business   BA/BS    
Gender & Women's Studies  Minor BA    
Intercultural Global Studies  Minor      
Media Film & Journalism Studies        
International & Intercultural Communication with 
Korbel School of International Studies
Public Diplomacy      Certificate  
Psychology & Biology, Cognitive Neuroscience 
Religion, DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program in the Study of Religion       PhD
Religion and International Affairs     Certificate  
Socio-legal Studies  Minor BA    
Urban Studies  Minor