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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Political Science

The Ritchie Center on Debate Night

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If you are a political science major, then you must meet regularly and work closely with a faculty adviser within the political science department.

Faculty advisers provide guidance on coursework and unblock students' PINs so they can begin registering for their courses. They also offer information on internships, honors theses and careers in political science.

You can find your political science faculty advisor by checking the lefthand column of the "Student" tab in PioneerWeb. Don't see your advisor listed? Send an email to

You're always welcome to call our main political science office line, 303-871-2743, or email if you have a general question for the Department of Political Science.

4 tips for success:

  1. See your advisor often! Students who see their advisors several times a year are more likely to meet the degree requirements on schedule.
  2. Check out our handy checklists for Majors (PDF) and Minors (PDF).
  3. Make sure you are on the Department of Political Science listserv, where we distribute crucial information on academic changes as well as political science speakers and events. Email to join!
  4. Join our Twitter and Facebook accounts! These are great ways to stay connected and hear about new events.