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Graduate School of Professional Psychology


The University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. GSPP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

The Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver does not have any special (commercial) interest in providing CE programming. This programming respects cultural, individual and role differences, including those based on age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status.

GSPP is committed to honoring the accommodation needs of our guests, including accessibility or dietary requests, large print materials, or a private room for those nursing. 

Please contact the Office of Continuing Education at 303-871-4161 or [email protected] with questions.



Attendance Policy

While the GSPP CE program understands that emergencies cannot be avoided, we have adopted the following policy for CE attendance:

  • Attendees who arrive more than 15 minutes after morning registration closes will lose one (1) full hour of continuing education. Attendees who arrive more than 60 minutes late will lose two (2) full hours of continuing education and so on.
  • Attendees who need to leave before the close of the conference are asked to leave during the afternoon break to minimize distractions during the conference. They will lose the remaining hours of continuing education. If you are planning to leave early, please speak to the staff at the registration desk when you arrive. This will allow for the adjusted CE certificate to be ready for you at the afternoon break.
  • At the completion of the conference, attendees will receive their certificate of attendance directly from a member of the Continuing Education or Conference Committee. If you are not in attendance to pick up your certificate but were signed out by program staff, your certificate will be mailed to you.
  • Conference content is intended for professional development purposes. Children cannot be accommodated but our staff can make childcare recommendations upon request.
  • If any special accommodations are required, please indicate that when registering.
Cancellation Policy

If you unable to attend the scheduled event as planned please notify our office at 303-871-4161 or [email protected]. If you alert us with >7 days notice we can issue a refund in the original form of payment. Late cancellations cannot be refunded but registration may be assigned to another attendee at your discretion.

Complaint Resolution

Division 22 of the American Psychological Association, Rehabilitation Psychology, is fully committed to conducting all activities in strict conformance with the American Psychological Association's Ethical Principles of Psychologists. The Graduate School of Professional Psychology will comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities to be non-discriminatory in promotional activities, program content, and in the treatment of program participants. The monitoring and assessment of compliance with these standards will be the responsibility of the Education Chair in consultation with the members of the continuing education committee, the Graduate School of Professional Psychology Ethics Chairperson, and the Convention Chairperson.

While APA Division 22 goes to great lengths to assure fair treatment for all participants and attempts to anticipate problems, there will be occasional issues which come to the attention of the convention staff which require intervention and/or action on the part of the convention staff or an officer of Division 22. This procedural description serves as a guideline for handling such grievances.

When a participant, either orally or in written format, files a grievance and expects action on the complaint, the following actions will be taken.

1. If the grievance concerns a speaker, the content presented by the speaker, or the style of presentation, the individual filing the grievance will be asked to put his/her comments in written format. The CE Chair will then pass on the comments to the speaker, assuring the confidentiality of the grieved individual.

2. If the grievance concerns a workshop offering, its content, level of presentation, or the facilities in which the workshop was offered, the convention chair will mediate and will be the final arbitrator. If the participant requests action, the convention chair will:

a. attempt to move the participant to another workshop or

b. provide a credit for a subsequent year's workshop or

c. provide a partial or full refund of the workshop fee.

Actions 2b and 2c will require a written note, documenting the grievance, for record keeping purposes. The note need not be signed by the grieved individual.

3. If the grievance concerns the Division 22 CE program, in a specific regard, the CE Chair will attempt to arbitrate.

To submit a complaint, or if you have additional questions, please contact:

Kim A. Gorgens, Ph.D., ABPP Division 22 CE Chair
Graduate School of Professional Psychology
MSC 4101
University of Denver
2460 South Vine Street
Denver, CO 80208
303-871-4160 (Fax 303-871-4220)
[email protected]