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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Latino Psychology Specialty

Latinx Psychology Courses

Introduction to Latinx Psychology and the Latinx Experience

The first course in the Latinx Psychology Specialty is Introduction to Latinx Psychology and the Latinx Experience and will highlight the current psychosocial research and literature relevant to the mental health of Latinx populations, including influences of culture, acculturation, and ethnic identity on utilization of mental health services. The course will explore the heterogeneity of the Latinx groups in the United States and how these groups respond in a unique way to the various services offered in the community.  This course will familiarize the student with the personal, social, cultural and institutional forces that affect the psychology of Latinxs, to include history, religion, gender roles, emotional processing, violence, bilingualism, and stigmatization and oppression. This course is offered in the Winter quarter.

Intervention and Therapeutic Technique with Latinxs

The second course, Intervention and Therapeutic Technique with Latinxs, examines the theories and models of research on psychotherapy with Latinxs to prepare future therapists to engage in culturally responsive services with the growing U.S. Latinx population. This course focuses on clinical interventions that address the particular mental health needs of Latinxs in the United States. An emphasis is placed on skills that are necessary in order to attain clinical competence treating members of the various Latinx groups, by both Latinx and non-Latinx clinicians. Empirically-based psychological treatments for Latinx patients will be examined. Creative ways will be discussed for adapting these interventions with Latinxs. Discussion of clinical cases will be integrated into the course. This course is offered in the Spring quarter.

Psychological Assessment with Latinxs

The third course, Psychological Assessment with Latinxs, addresses the cultural considerations needed for interviewing and conducting psychological evaluations of Latinxs. Clinical interviewing techniques and measures across all psychological assessment domains, including diagnosis, personality, and cognition, as well as more specialty-focused areas such as neuropsychological assessment, forensic assessment, and school-based assessment will be covered.  The class will explore the strengths and limitations of each assessment measure with a particular focus on language, research and norming issues, and administration. This course is offered during the Summer quarter.

Bilingual Advanced Latinx Practicum

The Bilingual Advanced Latinx Practicum, the final course in the series, guides students in conceptualizing, planning, and implementing culturally responsive interventions with Latinx individuals and families. Individual, family, and group therapy cases, as well as assessments, from the students’ field placements will be presented by the students and reflected upon in the context of the cultural considerations, therapeutic models, and assessment research learned in the previous courses.  Adaptations from multicultural approaches will be applied and creative interventions designed to meet the needs of the Latinx population will be employed and evaluated for effectiveness. This course will take place during the Fall quarters.