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Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Sport Coaching

Sport Psychology & Coaching

The Master of Arts in Sport Coaching (MASC) curriculum offers a balanced and interdisciplinary approach to enhance coach and athlete performance. From biology to biomechanics and sociology to psychology, we prepare our student-coaches to develop and implement real-life problem solving strategies.

As our program is housed in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology, and our courses are taught by sport psychology scholar-coaches, our student-coaches benefit from our expertise on understanding issues such as motivation, imagery, energy and arousal management, stress and coping, goal setting, team cohesion, leadership, identity, diversity, and mindfulness.

Many of our courses use case studies and real life or life-like scenarios to enhance students' professional judgment. MASC professors engage students with discussions on why coaches and athletes do what they do, what positive and negative effects occur in practice, and we talk a step back to reflect and develop new and multiple interpretations of human behavior and meaning making.

If you're interested in learning how to use sport psychology to enhance your critical thinking skills and enhance performance, then you've found the right program!

Related Coursework

  • Psychology of Athletic Performance (CPSY 4720)
  • Sociocultural Aspects of Sport Coaching (CPSY 4705)
  • Philosophy and Ethics of Sport Coaching (CPSY 4725)
  • Social Psychology of the Body, Health and Performance (CPSY 4722)
  • Sport Psychology Independent Study (CPSY 4991)

Work with a Mental Skills Consultant

While enrolled in the Practicum in Coaching course, students are paired with a Mental Skills Consultant (MSC), or sport psychologist. Our consultants are all graduates of the distinguished MA Sport and Performance Psychology program here at GSPP, and all have relevant coaching and athletic experience. Students "meet" virtually with their consultant for one hour per week throughout the Practicum course.

Mental Skills Consultants provide an extraordinary opportunity for additional growth, as students benefit from their knowledge and experience in working with athletes and coaches of all backgrounds.

Hear what alum Mike Farrell (S&C Grad Assistant for UCLA Football while enrolled as a student) has to say about working with our consultants throughout the Practicum course.

Please contact us to learn more about this valuable component of the Sport Coaching program.

Learn about our Specialized Certificate in Psychology of Coaching HERE.