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Colorado Resilience Collaborative

Consultation Services

The purpose of consultation is to develop prevention strategies and strengthen systems of support. You can expect the following:

  • Content and mental health expertise on identity-based violence
  • Support in understanding the psychosocial factors
  • Support in developing a plan for response, resources, and referrals.

Consultation can be provided in the following situations:

  • Worried about someone who may be on the pathway toward radicalization or extremist group membership that advocate violence as a solution
  • Witnessed or survived an incident of identity-based violence
  • Experiencing vicarious trauma due to identity-based violence
  • Desire to better understand psychosocial factors involved in identity-based violence

More information may be found on our Clinical Consultation one-pager (PDF).

To inquire about consultation services, call Dr. Rachel Nielsen at 303-871-3042.