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Office of Internationalization

Global Masters Scholars at the University of Denver

 Global Masters Model

A Global Masters Scholars program is an articulated agreement between a DU academic department, a strategic or priority partner institution, and the DU Office of Internationalization where the curriculum is mapped to ensure student success. 

The Global Masters model consists of the first 3 years of undergraduate study taking place at DU, then 1 year of study abroad at the partner institution (DU's fourth year). The 3 years at DU and 1 year of study abroad constitutes a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Denver. The fifth and final year of study will take place at the partner institution, in which upon completion the student will be awarded a Master's degree by the partner institution. Students enrolled at DU can opt into the Global Masters programs if they meet eligibility requirements at each university, DU's study abroad and exchange requirements, and any additional requirements specifically determined for any of the Global Masters programs. 

Available Global Masters Programs & Resources

Lund University, Sweden
[click here for information on Lund University program logistics, such as housing options, culture, cost, travel, etc.]
[Global Masters in Lund Student Handbook]

University of Glasgow, Scotland
[click here for information on University of Glasgow program logistics, such as housing options, culture, cost, travel, etc.]
[Global Masters in Glasgow Student Handbook]

University of Western Australia, Australia
[click here for information on University of Western Australia program logistics, such as housing options, culture, cost, travel, etc.] [ Global Masters in Perth Student Handbook coming soo n]

    • Global Masters in Business Information & Logistics Management
    • Global Masters in Biological Sciences (Specializations in Conservation Biology, Ecology, Marine Biology, and Zoology)
    • Global Masters in Biotechnology (Specializations in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics & Genomics, and Environmental Biotechnology)
    • Global Masters in Environmental Science (Specializations in Environmental Management, Marine & Coastal, Catchments & Water, Environmental Rehabilitation, and Sensing & Environmental Data)

General Admissions Criteria & Process

These are the general guidelines for GPA requirements for Global Masters Scholars at the University of Denver. Please consult with the individual DU academic department on other specific requirements.

      • Students must be majoring in the Global Masters Program's subject area at the University of Denver. 
      • A minimum 3.0 overall GPA at the time of application for the Global Masters program with DU department and maintained through degree program after application submission (Deadlines are typically in the Fall as established by the department or unit).
      • A minimum 3.5 GPA in the major is recommended by the Office of Internationalization. However, the DU department or unit, in collaboration with the partner university, will establish the GPA requirement.

The general process students undergo is outlined below. Click here to download an interactive PDF file with links to applications, faculty advisors and study abroad advisor contact info. 

Global Masters Student Process