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Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging

Knoebel Institute

Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging


 KIHA's Financial Security and Cognitive Health Initiative IN THE nEWS

Dr. Chess received an IMPACT 2025 grant to kickstart his research on financial security and cognitive health. This work is featured on the IMPACT 2025 site. Read the update here.

The University of Denver Magazine reports on the research of Dr. Eric Chess and KIHA's Financial Security and Cognitive Health Initiative. Read the article here

KIHA presents chalk talks

The Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging will present monthly Chalk Talks for faculty and students interested in aging. These talks are specifically about current and future work related to aging to help foster new collaborations between faculty. Please join KIHA for our January Chalk Talk, when Dr. Daniel Paredes will present about his research on movement disorders, including Parkinson's disease. Pizza will be provided.

DATE: Tuesday, January 8, 2018

TIME: Noon until 1 pm

LOCATION: ECS Building Room 510 Rotunda Event Space

For more information, please contact Mary Cullen | [email protected] | 303.871.6686


KIHA proudly announces its 6th annual request for proposals for its pilot grant program. The goals of the fund are to support an increase in external federal funding in aging/longevity, advance areas of aging/longevity research strength at DU, support development of new areas of aging/longevity research, and promote interdisciplinary partnerships. Projects funded are expected to result in applications for funding for large, multi-year research projects. Proposals from all fields are encouraged to apply.

The deadline to submit for this year's pilot grant funding is Monday, January 7, 2019 at 5 pm. Funding is expected to begin in April 2019. Click here to download the RFP.

If you have questions, please email [email protected]

WAtch dr. granholm-bentley Discuss Brain Health on 9news

The week of September 11, Denver's 9News focused on Alzheimer's disease at the top of the 7 am news hour. 9News invited two KIHA researchers to participate in this week-long feature.

On Monday, September 11, Dr. Granholm-Bentley, executive director of KIHA, discussed her research on Alzheimer's and healthy aging. Watch the clip here

Watch Dr. Eric Chess, who discussed finances and aging as he wrapped up the week-long discussion. He is the director of KIHA's initiative on Financial Security and Healthy Aging. 

KIHA PILOT RFP Winners Announced

KIHA is proud to announce the faculty who received pilot grant money from the Knoebel Institute for 2018.

  • Robin Tinghitella & Shannon Murphy | Biological Sciences | Effects of maternal and grandmaternal aging on offspring health and longevity
  • Chad Clary | Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics | Pioneering Quantitative Assessments of Disability in the Elderly After Total Knee Replacement Using Wearable Devices and Machine Learning
  • Aurélie Ledreux | Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging | Brain exosomes as novel biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease: a validation study
  • Scott Barbee | Biological Sciences | Establishing roles for Vps54 in motor neuron axonal transport and neurodegeneration
  • Leanne ten Brinke | Psychology | Explaining Older Adults' Truth Bias: A Consequence of Maturational Dualism
  • Bradley Davidson | Mechanical and Materials Engineering | Exosome biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease
  • Eric Chess | Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging | Impaired Financial Decision-Making in the Aging Population 


DU photography professor Roddy MacInnes paired photography students with residents of Clermont Park. Watch the video here for the intergenerational fun had by all. 


Are you interested in having an organization that is more sensitive to people with dementia? Dementia Friendly Denver will provide a one-hour lunch and learn called Dementia 101. This is a hopeful program that includes the basics, warning signs, diagnosis guidelines, communication tips and most importantly, risk reduction information.These sessions benefit business, government and community groups and can be scheduled at any time of day. To book a free dementia training, email [email protected] or visit

KIHA No copay radio interview

Listen to KIHA's latest interview with No Copay Radio! Click below to hear the segment. 

KIHA Engages with the community

Read the article that appeared in the print Washington Park Profile here.


Colorado consistently ranks as a top destination for retirees. With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age at the rate of 10,000 per day, the population of Coloradoans older than 65 will increase from close to 500,000 in 2010 to more than 1.2 million by 2030.

What will be the economic, social and health consequences of the overall aging of Colorado's population? What are the specific needs of this population, and how will those be served by current and future industries here? What bioscience research and development will address health and wellness for these Colorado residents? 

Click here to find out!


To see some of the research in aging funded by the 2017 KIHA Pilot Grants, click here.
And now for an intergenerational, feel-good story, watch this.
Read an article about guardianship gone wrong here.

Leslie Hasche, Associate Professor in DU's Graduate School of Social Work and member of KIHA's Strategic Planning Group, is quoted in the New York Times. Read the story here.

Colorado senior lobby

Check out Colorado Senior Lobby News & Event Highlights here!

check out this web story on our CONCUSSION SEMINAR

View the news story about our Concussion Research Seminar, held on May 30, 2017, here

KIHA offers tai chi

Join KIHA from 1-2 pm on Fridays for a class of Tai Chi Chuan, a gentle relaxing mind-body exercise that promotes health and longevity to millions around the world. Our instructor is Mike Sanin, is certified to teach Tai Chi through the Consortium for Older Adults and the Arthritis foundation, as well as the Colorado Health Foundation and the Tai Chi Health Institute. Mike specializes in slow gentle movements, mindfulness, fall prevention, and deep relaxation for better health and peace of mind. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or previous knowledge in Tai Chi. Click here for more information. View the news story here.

Dan Linseman works with students to study ALS and Alzheimer's

Dan Linseman, a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging, leads a team of undergraduate and graduate researchers trying to determine how nutraceuticals — food components used for medicinal purposes — might protect the neurons in the brain that underlie neurodegenerative diseases. The researchers have looked at coffee, green tea, strawberries, blackberries, rosemary, dark chocolate and more in the search for neuroprotective properties. Click here for more details.

Learn about KIHA

Find out more about the history of KIHA in this DU Magazine story.

Pilot GrantS Previously funded

Click on the name of the principal investigator to see a video of a previously funded project. 

  1. Drs. Gareth and Sandy Eaton, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Development of a novel imaging method that would allow measurement of oxidative stress (a pathological condition in aging cells) in living cells and eventually in living brain.
  2. Dr. Brian Michel, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Collaboration with Dr. Sean P. Colgan, Dept. of Medicine, CU Anschutz. For discovery of novel drugs to treat kidney associated anemia and improve selectivity and reduce potential side-effects. Chronic kidney disease is a major health problem in the elderly.
  3. Dr. Daniel Linseman, Biology and KIHA. Collaboration with Dr. Kim Gorgens, Psychology, and Dr. Don Gerber, Craig Hospital. Investigators will test the hypothesis that reduced levels of glutathione (GSH), a major anti-oxidant the body produces, is a principal factor underlying the poorer recovery of older adults from traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  4. Drs. Jennifer Greenfield and Leslie Hasche, GSSW. The proposed pilot study will address this gap in knowledge by testing and administering a survey with caregivers in Colorado, and testing the associations of workplace characteristics with caregiver financial security and wellbeing.
  5. Dr. Mohammad Mahoor, Engineering. Collaboration with Dr. Adam Hebb, Colorado Neurological Institute. Machine learning algorithms to detect and classify behavior based on analysis of electro-physiological signals from the human brain. The ultimate goal is development of a closed-loop system for deep brain stimulation that would improve therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.