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Korbel Asylum Project

University of Denver

Korbel Asylum Project

The Korbel Asylum Project (KAP) aims to create opportunities for DU students to participate in human rights research in support of real-world asylum cases. At a moment of xenophobia, stigma and backlash against immigrants and asylum seekers, supporting the asylum process today is more important than ever. Because asylum seekers frequently flee their home countries with few resources, they often face a resource gap and must rely on pro bono legal services. Country conditions reports on asylum seekers' home countries are a critical element of an asylum application but can be prohibitively costly for indigent asylum seekers and their pro bono attorneys. However with free country conditions reports, KAP is able to provide these asylum seekers and their attorneys with research that they would otherwise be unable to afford. 

By partnering with the Colorado Asylum Project (CAP), a nonprofit network of volunteer attorneys who take pro bono asylum cases, students interested in human rights use their research skills to help close this "asylum gap." This project represents a win-win-win: students learn research methods through hands-on experience and are energized to continue working on human rights, the community-partner attorneys get high quality research, and asylum seekers get additional evidence to support their case.

With any collaboration, KAP ensures that it will protect asylum seekers' identity and confidentiality. It should be noted that KAP's primary means of communication is email which is not secure. For that reason KAP always requests careful redaction of asylum seekers' identifying factors when in communication with partner attorneys.CCESL

KAP is sponsored by a grant from DU's Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning (CCESL), an initiative bringing together faculty, students, and the community to support DU's mission of being a private university dedicated to the public good. For more information, click here.

This website is intended for general informational purposes only. The information provided is not legal advice, and may not be current. Asylum seekers should seek legal advice from a qualified asylum lawyer prior to applying for asylum.