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War as the Key to Unlocking Mass Murder: The Rwanda Genocide Revisited

"War as the Key to Unlocking Mass Murder: The Rwanda Genocide Revisited" by Associate Professor Arthur N. Gilbert and Kristina Hook will be published in the Winter 2013 issue of Air and Space Power Journal: African and Francophonie.  The article will be published in both English and French.

This is the first of several articles the authors are preparing on genocide in Africa.

From the Authors:

The renowned genocide scholar Robert Melson in his important book Revolution and Genocide claimed that genocide is related to war and revolution thus creating what we call a triad of violence with mass murder as a possible result.  Other scholars like Daniel Jonah Goldhagen disagree.  In a famous phrase from a recent book, Worse Than War, he states that genocide begins in the minds of men.  Along with many historians who focus on the roots of genocide in race or religious branding he qualifies the war, revolution, genocide triad and argues that mass killing takes place in violence free zones as well.  Using Rwanda as a test case, we examine the causes of the 1994 slaughter to determine which theories are most useful keys to the killings.