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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Josef Korbel School of International Studies students working on an internship abroad

Faculty & Research Centers

Aaron Schneider, Leo Block Associate Professor

Josef Korbel School of International Studies Leo Block Associate Professor Aaron SchneiderEmail: [email protected]

Phone: 303-871-3601

Office: 3032 Sie International Relations Complex
Josef Korbel School of International Studies
University of Denver
2201 South Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 80208

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  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • MA, University of California, Berkeley
  • BA, Brown University

Research and Expertise

Dr. Schneider's work focuses on the intersection of wealth and power, and he has conducted research in Latin America, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa. In particular, he emphasizes the study of public finance as a window into the political economy of development and democracy. The way governments secure contributions from key social groups, and how they decide what to do with the money tells a story about the nature of national political communities – who is in, who is out, and who will enjoy what benefits of membership.

Dr. Schneider has published books on state-building in Central America and urban development in New Orleans, and his main ongoing enterprise is a comparative project on India and Brazil. The project explores the position and role of emerging powers in the midst of global capitalist crisis and contemporary world disorder.

Professional Profile

  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (2018-present)
  • Leo Block Chair of International Studies (2012-present)
  • Director of Latin America Center and Co-Director, International Development Degree Program (2012-2018)
  • Judy and Avram Chair in the Political Science Department at Tulane University (2008-2012)
  • Researcher, teacher and advisor at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, U.K. (2002-2007)
  • Advisor to the chief economist for Central America at the Interamerican Development Bank (2005-2006)

Recent Publications

Schneider, A. (2018) Renew Orleans? Globalized Development and Worker Resistance after Katrina. University of Minnesota Press.

Schneider, A. (2016) Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Collectivism, and Everything In-Between. Public Administration Review.

Schneider, A. (2012). State-Building and Tax Regimes in Central America. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Schneider, A. (2012). Workers, New Orleans, and the global shipbuilding regime. Work, Organization, Labor, and Globalization, 6(2), 130-152.

Schneider, A. (2012). Shipyard workers, New Orleans, and U.S. democracy. Revista Debates, 6(1), 189-213.

Schneider, A. & Baquero, M. (2009). Instituições governamentais e participação cidadã: finanças públicas inclusivas em Porto Alegre-Brasil. Revista Debates, 3(2), 1-39.

Schneider, A. (2008). After the Washington consensus: International assistance and governance. Revista Debates, 2(1), 15-31.

Schneider, A. (2007). Governance reform and institutional change: Federalism and tax in Brazil. Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 45(4), 476-498.


  • INTS 4468: International Development
  • INTS 4637: Comparative State-building
  • INTS 4332: Data Analysis for Development
  • INTS 4664: Political Economy of Brazil and India
  • INTS 4628: Social Movements