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Degree Programs


Certificate Requirements

Global Health Affairs Certificate students are required to:

Complete core global health courses that are comprised of four classes designed to

  1. Introduce students to key framings for and approaches to global health
  2. Provide practical skills for designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating health interventions
  3. Introduce students to research design

The required courses are:

  • INTS 4367 Global Health Affairs
  • INTS 4516 Major Diseases in Global Health
  • INTS 4483 Practical Applications in Global Health
  • INTS 4423 Introduction to Epidemiology

Complete a 150-hour health-related practical learning experience. This experience may be completed through an internship experience whose core focus is on health. Alternatively, this can be completed through a service-based research project, independent research (as long as it has an off-campus field component) or current employment. Students are encouraged but not required to base their practical learning experience on their required proposal for INTS 4367 (Global Health Affairs)