October 2007: Iraqi Refugees

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“No Refuge Here: Iraqis Flee, but Where?” by Joseph Huff-Hannon. Dissent. Summer 2007.

~ The Editors

Richard FalkWould Iraqi Refugees Please Disappear
by Richard A. Falk

"The imperial mind tends to be narcissistic: It always insists that its power is deployed for the benefit of others, but when things go wrong, the primary victims are kept at a safe distance so that the metropole is spared the anguish of confronting the havoc that it has caused."

Katherine Gockel Will Refuge Continue to be Elusive?
by Katherine Gockel

“...the last thing needed right now is another blame game in Washington. Rather, efforts should be directed toward fixing the problems and developing solutions that consider both current and future migration scenarios for people displaced within Iraq, as well as those who have fled to other countries.”

Michael Goodhart Fleeing from Terror versus Fleeing from Poverty
by Michael Goodhart

“This is not a politically naïve call for granting asylum to all economic migrants. . .Yet ethically and conceptually, there is little basis for treating this category of people differently.”

Susan Waltz The Least We Can Do
by Susan E. Waltz

“Until Iraqis can safely return to their homes, this war is not over. In the meantime, we Americans have a moral imperative to provide refuge to those whose own safety has been put at risk for their efforts to assist the U.S. ”

Daniel Whelan Iraqi Resettlement: Why Congress Won't Act
by Daniel J. Whelan

“If Congress were to open the resettlement gates, the flood might very well put to death forever any possibility of salvaging the wreckage that Iraq has become.”

November 2007: Response

David A. Weinberg Iraqi Resettlement: Why Congress Will Act
by David A. Weinberg

“While it is regretful that Congressional wheels may at times turn slowly, it is not unreasonable to expect groundbreaking legislation to assist and resettle Iraqi refugees before the year’s end.”

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