January 2008: Special Forum

This forum aims to begin a public conversation about the question of whether the American Political Science Association (APSA) should hold its 2012 Annual Meeting in New Orleans—a city governed by a Louisiana constitutional amendment legally defining marriage as "the union between one man and one woman." The consequences of this amendment for APSA scholars are discussed in the opinions below.

HRHW will be posting responses online in the weeks that follow. If you are interested in contributing, submit your response via email to Roundtable editor Joel R. Pruce.

American Political Science Association logo"APSA Practice for Annual Meeting Sites and the 2012 Annual Meeting"

American Political Science Association memorandum

Guest Panelist"An Open Letter to the Political Science Community"

by Daniel R. Pinello

Marhta Acklesburg Mary Lyndon Shanley"Discrimination and Inclusivity: Why APSA Should Not Meet in New Orleans"

by Martha Ackelsberg and
Mary Lyndon Shanley

Michael Goodhart "Choices Matter: Human Rights, Economic Solidarity, and the 2012 APSA Meeting"

by Michael Goodhart

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