April 2008: Modern Slavery

Introduction to the Month's Focal PieceAnnotation of

“A World Enslaved" by E. Benjamin Skinner. Foreign Policy (March/April) 2008.

~ The Editors

Anna AgathangelouForget Me Not: Bodies as Last Colonies of Capitalism?
by Anna M. Agathangelou

“In an imperialist capitalist context that demands...the commodification of people’s labor and bodies, we need to raise questions about the logics of capital and the intensification of slavery within it.”

Christine BellSlavery and "Abuse Regeneration"
by Christine Bell

"A crucial dynamic in abuse regeneration is the recreation of categories of people to whom human rights do not apply—those who are somehow less human, less to be protected."

Alison Brysk Slavery: From Public Crime to Private Wrong
by Alison Brysk

“The eradication of public slavery required a revolution in Haiti, and a revolutionary civil war in the United States. In the 21st century, eliminating private slavery will necessitate a revolution in our recognition of rights—and our exercise of global governance."

Michael Goodhart Combating the Slave Trade:
Why Governments are not Good at Governing

by Eric A. Heinze

“What is particularly disturbing is that much of the modern-day slave trade takes place with the full knowledge, and even acquiescence of, state governments. "

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