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March 2011: Libya and the Responsibility to Protect

Introduction to the Month's Focal Piece Editor's introduction: Libya and the Responsibility to Protect

It’s Time to Intervene” by Shadi Hamid. Slate. February 23 2011.




Christina CernaIs it Really Time to Intervene in Libya?
by Christina Cerna

“As heartbreaking as watching the crushing of the civilian uprising in Libya on nightly television broadcasts may be, it is not genocide. Intervention was authorized to protect civilians but the West’s expressed goal of Gaddafi’s ouster goes beyond the language of the Security Council Resolution.”


Louis Edgar EsparzaFeminism and Democracy
by Louis Edgar Esparza

“Broad coalition movements create the space for other issue groups to bring up their grievances, allowing them to frame them as issues of inequality within the movement. In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, women are asserting their political rights as citizens in a polity as well as their rights in their positions in their households.”

Robert FunkI Will Survive
by Robert Funk

“But if there is one thing that has been striking about the events in Libya in recent weeks—and indeed looking back over decades—it is the sheer ability of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to survive. He is, perhaps with Fidel Castro, the world’s greatest survivor.”


Walter LotzeWe Do Indeed Reap What We Sow
by Walter Lotze

“The international community is responsible for entrenching the Gaddafi regime both internationally and domestically, allowing it to exercise disproportionate levels of power, and providing it with the weaponry to back this power up within its own borders.”


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