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Korbel Latin America Center


Funding Opportunities

Korbel-Affiliate Research Award on Latin America

The Latin America Center seeks to promote long-term research programs and complement funds from other sources by providing Korbel school faculty and graduate students with seed funding. The deadline for applications is June 1, 2016. Applications may be made after that date, but funding is on a first come first served basis. Applications will be reviewed by the Latin America Center Research Committee. Any remaining funds will be allocated by the Director of the Center on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants should seek all alternative sources of support.

In order of priority, the Center supports research projects with other sources of support, projects at early stages that have not yet secured additional funding, and presentations at scholarly conferences.

The Research Committee will make awards according to the merits of the proposal and the availability of funds.

Faculty are eligible for a maximum of $1000 per year; graduate students are eligible for a maximum of $500 per year.

Funding can be used to conduct fieldwork, acquire materials, provide project assistance, and travel. Funding cannot be used to augment salary.

If funding is not spent, it reverts to the general fund.

Applications should include a research proposal of no longer than 500 words, budget, and sources of additional funding, if any. Send to with the subject heading "Korbel-Affiliate Research Award on Latin America Proposal."

The deadline for applying is June 1, 2016.