About the Law Institute

Joseph and Loretta Law saw opportunity in the midst of difficulty and optimism in the face of heartbreak. And in doing so, they taught their four sons—Dennis, Ronald, Christopher and Jeremy—the power of philanthropy and the importance of community engagement. Overcoming political hardship in Hong Kong and China while raising a family, Joseph and Loretta instilled in their boys a desire for excellence and the understanding that hard work would reap benefits.

General Director  Dennis Law MD
Music Director  Zhou Jiaojiao
Technical Director  Jin Tao
Productions Supervisor  Sally Mak

The Law Brothers

A Pioneering Spirit

With an unparalleled pioneering spirit despite his lack of educational opportunities during the War, Joseph Law excelled in the utilization of both American resources and Chinese talent in his business ventures. While Joseph became a successful industrialist in Hong Kong and China and also a prominent benevolent advocate for workplace standards for Chinese laborers, the boys dove into higher education in America—all four receiving degrees in medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. This second generation of the Law family is prosperous, productive and deeply connected to their family’s legacy.

A Lover of the Arts

Inspired by their parents, the Law brothers have worked tirelessly in their careers helping others while always keeping a close connection to their community and the opportunities that exist for creation of excellence. Philanthropy is a tradition in the Law family—an example made by Joseph and Loretta to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Dennis, Ronald, Christopher and Jeremy have honored their parents with a named facility at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, where their parents’ legacy will last in perpetuity.

As a lover of the arts, the eldest son, Dr. Dennis Law has supported, produced and incubated performing arts opportunities—especially connected to Chinese traditions—for many years through his Four Brothers Entertainment enterprise. Innovative and interdisciplinary productions have highlighted the Law family’s commitment to taking theatrical performance to an international pinnacle of excellence. Ever innovative, Dr. Law sees opportunity to infuse today’s art and technology with multi-national and multi-cultural forms of expression that can expand the horizon for artistic creations. For nearly two decades, Dennis Law’s production company, Sight, Sound & Action, has single-handedly taken musical theater based on the fusion of Chinese and American creative elements to unprecedented levels of grandeur and entertainment for international audiences.

No one else to date has produced and presented his unique kind of bi-cultural musical theater that he refers to as “Action-Musicals”. Dr. Law has produced over one thousand such performances in North America and Asia. His experience in using advancing digital technologies to produce award-winning Chinese-American entertainment content can become a unique model for the future utilization of other multi-national and multi-cultural resources to make a richer mosaic of entertainment content for generations to come.

Coming to Denver

The University, too, takes great interest and pride in the importance of innovation in education, our community, and our students’ impact on the world. For more than 150 years, the University has served as an educational, social and cultural hub for the Denver metro region. Home to nearly 12,000 students—both undergraduate and graduate—the University has long been a meaningful community partner and incubator for great ideas. The University is a natural partner for the Dennis Law Foundation as Dr. Law seeks to create an institution of education and research to honor his parents in perpetuity.

The Institute will build upon the strength of the University as an anchor in the Denver community and realize the commitment of Dr. Dennis Law to innovate and infuse cultures into international art and technology.

The Denny Award

The Betterment of Us

Human endeavors have always revolved around family, work and play. Therefore, the creation of entertainment and intellectual content that can better our lives in all these areas must always be a necessary and rewarding pursuit. Any singular nation’s art and culture have reached diminishing returns for the creation of enjoyable and meaningful new content for the future. Adding multi-national and multi-cultural artistic and technological resources can expand the horizon and enrich the resulting mosaic of entertainment content.

Modern digital technologies add unimaginable opportunities to elevate artistic and entertainment content to unprecedented levels of expression. Full use of scientific advances is necessary to ensure the success of the cultural fusion of the arts. Therefore, the Joseph & Loretta Law Institute of Arts and Technology will be a unique educational and research center that will apply both cultural diversity and evolving creative technologies to train professionals in order to provide such new content for the betterment of us.