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Director Williams visits DU

DU Peace Corps Community

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Peace Corps Week

Come Celebrate Peace Corps Week at DU!  Although Peace Corps week has passed internationally, we will be celebrating on the University of Denver Campus next  week April 8-12, 2013!

PEACE CORPS PANEL: We will have a panel featuring our very own Dean Hill on Monday April 8th from 5-7pm in the Cyber Cafe in Josef Korbel.  The topic will be  the three goals of Peace Corps.  Appetizers will be served!

FUNDRAISING AND PC INFO IN DRISCOLL: There will be a table in Driscoll from 12-2pm every day with information on Peace Corps and an amazing Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) - Camp OHALOW in Ukraine, a summer camp for HIV/AIDS children created by our very own RPCV, Laura Braff.  Our goal is to raise $500 towards this project and we need your help!!  These donations are tax deductible!

UNDERGRADUATE CLASSROOM VISITS: We will also be visiting undergraduate classrooms to share our experiences. It is not to late to have an RPCV and PCMI team come to your class! Sign up by this Friday, April 5, 2013 to have our team    talk about what it is like to serve and to be a student preparing to serve.  These   are 15-30 minute presentations based on your available class time!.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!