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A DU Peace Corps Fellow's former home in Guinea

Peace Corps Fellows Programs

Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Programs

Many members of DU's Peace Corps community benefit from hearing real Peace Corps volunteer experiences via the University's Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Fellows (RPCV) programs. DU offers RPCV Fellows programs at:

Many programs, many fellows

By joining DU's Peace Corps community, you become a member of one of the largest university-based Peace Corps groups in the United States.

According to the Peace Corps' latest rankings (PDF):

  • With 56 returned volunteers, DU's RPCV Fellows program is the largest U.S. college- or university-based Peace Corps community (2012).
  • Our Master's International program for fourth in the nation, with 25 students.

Combined, the Fellows and Master's International programs give DU the largest Peace Corps university community in the United States!

Learn more about our Masters International program, and its students and alumni.