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Students are, by far, the most numerous affiliate group on campus; and their educational success is at the core of the University's activities. Below are some resources for our learner-leaders to get informed, be involved and stay successful in your time as a DU student!

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Support Services

DU's Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME) coordinates a number programs and events for and about our LGBTIQA communities, including social and community-building events, educational workshops (e.g., Queer & Ally/Safezone trainings), 1-on-1 consultations and advocacy.

Online resources include lists of LGBTIQA-related courses, all-gender restrooms across campus, nearby welcoming faith communities, sexual health information and more.

Other campus offices with explicit services including the Health & Counseling Center, CAPE, the GSPP Community Clinic, International Education (Study Abroad) and the Career Center.

And, beyond what the University itself offers, see our Around Town page for a wide range of sites and groups beyond campus, including some local/national LGBTIQA-focused scholarships.

Events & Observances

Beyond opportunities in the larger Denver/Colorado area, CME coordinates a number of on/near-campus events throughout the year--social/ community-building, educational and support, including annual Summer Social Series, Sweet Treat Meet & Greet, and Welcome Back BB"Q" (September), HomeComing Out reception (October), the Gala celebration (April), and special events as part of our & Intersections, and Rainbow Know (work life) series, among others.

Student organizations and community groups also host observances for Celebrate Bisexuality Day (September 23), National Coming Out Day (October 11), Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20), National Day of Silence (~April 10), and Pride (June), among other special events throughout the year.

Specific dates and details change each year; so visit the group pages below, the CME online calendar and the Out Front Colorado community calendar for upcoming events.

In many cases, campus events are open to members of the community; so, even if you're considering attending DU, consider joining us for an open activity!

Student Organizations

DU has a number of student-run clubs focusing on LGBTIQ&A and related issues including those listed alphabetically below. See the linked web pages or contact the respective group for more information and upcoming events!

Graduate Student Network: CME is helping form an LGBTIQA network for graduate students across DU, as an additional support and social outlet for students in schools with their own organizations, and especially for those in programs without formal LGBTIQA organizations. Details on our Fall 2016 kickoff event are on the Pride homepage; and/or email your interest to [email protected]

Jewish Rainbow Alliance: Based at the DU Hillel center, JRA welcomes Jewish and non-Jewish LGBT individuals and allies. Activities range from movie and coffee night, to speed dating to LGBT-oriented celebrations of the Jewish holidays.

Out4Biz: An educational and professional forum designed to further the interests of Daniels College of Business students who identify themselves as GLBT. Out for Business members comprise an important social network and represent the GLBT community to the college. The group is especially interested in connecting with Daniels' alumni and friends. email

OUTlaws: A group of Sturm College of Law students committed to legal and social education and change, open to all members of the University community, regardless of orientation or identity. OUTtlaws organize educational programs on topics such as the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, hate crimes and same-sex custody issues. In addition, the group hosts social events to provide opportunities to network with members of Colorado's Gay and Lesbian Bar Association. website  | Facebook group | email

Queerbel Student Alliance is for LGBTIQ & Ally students at the Korbel School for International Studies. Facebook | email

Queer Equality Alliance (QEA): seeks to provide a safe and supportive environment for all GLBTIQ students, staff, faculty and alumni of the Graduate School of Social Work; heterosexual allies; and those of any additional status or orientation. Activities include outreach, education and work with other organizations. QEA also addresses educational, political and social needs, provides advocacy for the GLBTQIA community and works toward dismantling oppression in all its forms. email  | Facebook group | GSSW student org webpage

Queer Student Alliance (QSA): The umbrella, primarily undergraduate organization for those identifying as LGBTIQ and their Allies. The group meets weekly, to share experiences and plan events (such as National Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, annual Drag Show, etc). Facebook | email | listserv

  • Winter 2017 meetings will be Thursday, 6.30-7.30pm in JMac 141 classroom

Queer & Straight Student Alliance (QSSA): serving the Morgridge College of Education community. email  | Facebook | listserv | Morgridge student org webpage

And, if your academic area, intersecting identity or interest area isn't represented, CME can help spread the word as you form a new org (through Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate Student Government or respective graduate/ professional program governing body).

Please also see our [email protected] page for campus working groups open to all DU affiliates!