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The University of Denver supports many groups representing the diversity of our institution. From student organizations, to faculty and staff associations, DU hopes to foster and support affinity groups of all kinds.

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Affinity Groups

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Association of Sisters in Higher Education

Association of Sisters in Higher Education (ASHE) supports, empowers, and mentors Black women at the University of Denver through cultural fellowship, enrichment, and an exchange of ideas. The group is not exclusive to black women; therefore we value and welcome all women faculty and staff at the University of Denver. However, the core focus of group discussions, activities, and initiatives will be issues that are germane to black women.

Co-Chairs: Yasmaine Ford, Yasmaine.Ford@du.edu and Natley Farris, Natley.Farris@du.edu

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The mission of Black@DU is to provide an atmosphere of cultural and social networking among Black staff and faculty at the University of Denver. This organization is dedicated to improving the quality of the Black experience at DU by fostering a campus climate that is inviting, unified, encouraging, and promotes upward mobility. Black@DU exists to enhance communication and champion diversity, inclusion, opportunity and social justice—while challenging racism within the University.

Chair: Effley Brooks, Effley.Brooks@du.edu

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Faculty of Color Association

The DU Faculty of Color Association (FOCA) is a voluntary empowerment and advocacy group composed of faculty members from under-represented racial and ethnic groups within the University community. Meetings are held monthly on alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays - send an email to inclusion@du.edu to be added to the FOCA Teams.

Chair: Duan Zhang

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Faculty Women's Association (FWA)

The FWA extends membership to all faculty, tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure track and adjunct. Objectives include, providing a support network to all faculty women in the campus community, sponsoring programs concerned with professional development, disseminating information about University practices and policies vital to faculty women's interests. Contact inclusion@du.edu for more information.

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Hermanas Latinas

Hermanas Latinas provides a space for faculty and graduate students who identify as Latina at the University of Denver.

Liaisons: Deb Ortega, Debora.Ortega@du.edu and Maria Salazar, Maria.Salazar@du.edu

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Queer Faculty Association (QFA)

QFA supports LGBTQ and questioning-identified faculty on campus through advocacy, scholarship, and social networking. QFA works to connect queer faculty across the university and ensure that DU is an affirming space for all queer students, staff, and faculty.

Co-Chairs: Frederique Chevillot, Frederique.Chevillot@du.edu and Inna Altschul, Inna.Altschul@du.edu

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Queer University Employees (QUE)

An organization for all Queer and LGBTIQA-identifying DU employees who promote a welcoming and affirming university community.

Co-Chairs: Gabe Fischer Gabriel.E.Fischer@du.edu & Elise Goss-Alexander Elise.Goss-Alexander@du.edu

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Sistah Network

Sistah Network is committed to helping Black women who are graduate students at the University of Denver contend with the pervasive challenges they face related to graduate student socialization and academic persistence. Examples of community development include two meetings per quarter, quarterly writing workshops, faculty and resource connections, and defense practices.

Liaison: Anthea Johnson Rooen, Anthea.Johnson@du.edu

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Staff of Color Association (SOCA)

The Staff of Color Association (SOCA) is committed to promoting the interests of and advocating for staff at University of Denver from historically unrepresented races and ethnicities. We honor and celebrate the diversity of our cultures and actively contribute to the University by 1) providing members with a supportive community and brave spaces, 2) fostering belonging for all intersecting experiences, 3) sharing knowledge about the campus climate, 4) providing support for the recruitment of diverse candidates throughout the University, and 5) establishing meaningful connections between staff, students and faculty of color.

Co-Chairs: Katia Miller, Katia.Miller@du.edu and Waltrina DeFrantz-Dufor, Waltrina.DeFrantz@du.edu

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Women's Coalition

The DU Women’s Coalition creates and fosters a University of Denver culture that values and empowers all women; it is the umbrella organization to which all six University of Denver women's groups belong.

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Women's Leadership Council (WLC)

The Women’s Leadership Council includes women serving on the Deans’ Council, in the Provost’s Office, and in executive roles at the University of Denver. This group seeks to use its unique influence to engage the campus and its leadership on strategic issues relating to women; advocate for women’s opportunities and issues across campus; and build relationships on and off campus to foster mentorship and professional development for women at the University of Denver.

For more information, contact WLC Co-Chairs: Kathy Aliaga, Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations at Katherine.Aliaga@du.edu or Cheryl Miller, Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer, at Cheryl.Miller@du.edu or Tammy Schneider, Assistant Dean for Business and Operations, at Tammy.Schneider@du.edu.

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Women's Staff Alliance for Networking and Development (WAND)

The Women's Staff Alliance for Networking and Development (WAND) is committed to helping staff women at the University of Denver achieve their highest potential as employees by means of advocacy, education, development, networking and leadership.

For more information, contact inclusion@du.edu

Employee Resources

Center for Advocacy, Prevention & Empowerment (CAPE)

CAPE (the Center for Advocacy, Prevention, and Empowerment) at the Health and Counseling Center, offers free and confidential survivor advocacy supports to all employees and students at the university for anyone who has experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and/or harassment. These services include help navigating legal and university reporting systems, accessing medical care and counseling referrals, or simply being a safer, confidential place to talk about something that has happened.

Assistant Director: Ashley Hunt

cape@du.edu or call 303-871-3853

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Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Division of DEI is committed to providing leadership, guidance, and resources in support of the University of Denver’s commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive institution.

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The University of Denver is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to its employees and applicants for employment in order to assure that individuals with disabilities enjoy full access to equal employment opportunity at the University.

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Human Resources & Inclusive Communities (HRIC)

HRIC works to ensure that employees are given a safe and inclusive environment to work.

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Latinx Center at the University of Denver

The Latinx Center advances critical interdisciplinary research, scholarly and creative work, and curricular development related to the historical, political, cultural, and intellectual legacy of Latinx people.

Director: Deb Ortega, inclusion@du.edu

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Native American and Indigenous Initiatives

Provides support for current students and engages in community relations through developing relationships with local, regional and national Native communities.

Associate Director DEI | Native American and Indigenous Initiatives: Stevie Lee, Stevie.Lee@du.edu

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Religious and Spiritual Life

The University works with multiple religious and spiritual leaders to provide support to all members of the DU community on issues ranging from interfaith dialogue to spiritual care and counseling.

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Staff Senate

SAC fosters collaboration with staff and members of the University community, including the offices of the chancellor and provost, University leadership and faculty members from many units on campus; lobbies to get policies and procedures implemented that directly affect all staff members' morale, interests, working conditions and professional development.

Contact: staffsenate@du.edu

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Veterans Services

Guided by the knowledge that veterans offer a unique academic and social quality to the University of Denver, the Veterans Services Office vision and mission is to support our veterans through exceptional programming.

Director: Damon Vine, Damon.Vine@du.edu

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Whites Organizing for Racial Consciousness (WORC)

WORC is an informal campus network that holds space for DU community members to support racial justice and the responsibility white people have in building a more just and fair community in solidarity with people of color. (Any discussion of identity is intersectional; however, the focus of this group is to discuss racial identity.)

Co-Facilitators: Trisha Teig, and Chase McNamee – worc@du.edu

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