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Graduate Tax Program

Law School at the University of Denver

Graduate Tax Program

Requirements for Graduation

  1. Successful completion of 45 quarter hours of credit.
  2. Successful completion of all required courses.
  3. Cumulative grade point average of not less than  2.7  or 77 (B-).
  4. Students may take no more than 2 quarter hours of Independent Study during any one quarter and may receive credit toward the degree for no more than 4 quarter hours of Independent Study.
  5. All credit must have been earned within the provisions of the five-year rule.
  6. Students must turn in an Application to Graduate to the Program Coordinator at the end of the first week of class of the quarter before they want to graduate, ie: end of the first week of class of the Summer quarter for students wishing to graduate at the end of the Fall quarter. 

Responsibility for the successful completion of all graduation requirements rests with the student.


Commencement exercises are held in June and August. Attendance is optional. Students who graduate in March are invited to attend the June graduation ceremonies. Students who participate in the ceremonies are required to wear the appropriate academic regalia.