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Our students have always had a thirst for adventure and discovery. Multiple offices across campus offer international programs that make it easy for you to satisfy that desire to explore new cultures and ideas while still pursuing your degree.

Studying abroad is an important part of the DU experience for both undergraduates and graduates—a chance to immerse yourself in a new perspective and use that knowledge and understanding to strengthen your studies, your community and your career.

Some Available Locations and Areas of Study

  • location

    Japanese language and culture in Kyoto

  • location

    International business in Torino, Italy

  • location

    Wildlife conservation and political ecology in Tanzania

  • location

    Arts, religion and social change in Indonesia

  • location

    Public health, race and human rights in Brazil

  • location

    Visual art in Provence, France

  • location

    Service learning in Morocco

"Learning how to book a flight and actually go to the airport by yourself, and handle all that by yourself, was really scary for me. So I think I grew a lot from that."

Gladys Juarez, DU Student

Why Study Abroad?

Fully immersing yourself in another culture is the best way to understand it, and the knowledge and perspective you can gain may deepen the way you understand your own culture as well. Studying abroad is a chance to broaden your perspective and make personal connections on a global scale. That alone is reason enough for us to promote study abroad programs as a crucial element of a college education, but our students find a wide variety of additional reasons to explore their world.

The chance to study their major from a different point of view and expose themselves to new academic challenges is what pushes many to join an abroad program. Others familiarize themselves with the history and culture of a place that's long interested them, many picking up language skills along the way. Students also use abroad programs as a chance to actively contribute to bettering their world.

Regardless of what makes you decide to go abroad, you'll have the opportunity to expand your mind and deepen your experience. Not only will you reap the personal benefits of a widened perspective, but students who study abroad earn about $7,000 more annually than those who don't.

  • Europe

    Our study abroad programs give you the opportunity to broaden your perspective with a semester in one of the world’s great cities, from Prague to Shanghai.

  • Student sailing

    For science students looking to do aquatic research, we offer SEA Semester programs that give participants the chance to learn while living on the ocean.

  • Classroom in Africa

    Students who travel abroad benefit from the type of enriched perspective that can only be gained by venturing outside typical academic settings.

  • Village in Africa

    By immersing themselves in the cultures of the places they visit, our students take part in a global exchange of ideas and promote understanding between their hosts and our community.

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