true peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice. -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Spring graduation - January 3

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Laurie-Jo Jones

Con-Res Alumni Laurie-Jo Jones has been in South Africa for the past several weeks working with orange farmers in the town of Citrusdal (north of Cape Town). No - she hasn't given up on the conflict resolution world to take up the life of a citrus farmer. Laurie-Jo is working with the Farmer-to-Farmer program, teaching organizational and development skills to farmers. Most of these farmers are from previously disadvantaged groups who have been the recent beneficiaries of agricultural lands through the Government of South Africa's land reform program. As such, this program is teaching organization, management, and other important skills to these farmers with the goal of improving their productivity and income.

Laurie Jo says that she had really good responses from her trainee's - about 150 in all- despite working with less than ideal conditions and resources."I have to be
really creative and improvise and make the best out of the situation" she says.
She added: "there's much work to be done! My organizational management and conflict resolution skills are definitely coming in handy!"


The Office of Graduate Studies is implementing an electronic final submission process for theses and dissertations. Students who are graduating in winter quarter (March 2008) have the option of paper or electronic submission. For students who are graduating in spring quarter or later: electronic submission will be required. More information about this switch can be found at the following locations:



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