true peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice. -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Working Paper Series


#1 -- Bullies and Victims: From the Schoolyard to the Boardroom: The Abridged Version

Patricia S. Whitehouse

2006.  This abridged version of Whitehouse’s thesis analyzes bullying from the perspective of victims as well as bullies, as well as the conflicts that arise out of these interactions and how they can be applied to a variety of contexts from children in schools to adults in boardrooms.  Winner of CRI Best Master’s Thesis Award in 2005.



#2 -- Determinants of Internship Effectiveness: An Exploratory Model

VK Narayanan, Paul Olk, & Cynthia Fukami

2007.  A paper investigating the causes of internship effectiveness, the authors draw from technology transfer literature to highlight the different roles of three actors—students, university, and business—and to propose a multi-stage model of determinants of effectiveness. 



#3 -- Applications of Social Psychology to International Conflict: A Bibliography

Ronald J. Fisher, Visiting Senior Scholar, and Dennis Barbour, Masters Candidate

2007. This extensive bibliography covers sections such as: intergroup, ethnopolitical, international and intractable conflict; social cognition, identity and justice; decision making, ethnocentrism, interaction, escalation, de-escalation, intergroup conflict, interactive conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation, and social psychology limitations.



#4. – Peacebuilding and Trauma Recovery Conference Proceedings

Multiple Authors; Tamra Pearson d’Estree, Editor

2007.  This February 2007 Conference sought to begin to integrate insight from related practice fields addressing the human challenges of post-war reconstruction.  Topics include trauma cycles and intergenerational trauma transmission, transitional justice, remembering and forgetting, narratives, trauma healing and reconciliation. 


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#5. – The Georgian Republic: An overview of the education, business and political sectors.

Christina D. Farnsworth, Masters Candidate

2008. This working paper draws on a number of sources from newspaper articles to government reports to provide a current  perspective on the education, business and political systems in Georgia as of Winter 2008. The paper also offers a cross-sector analysis of issues and trends currently facing the Georgian Republic.


#6 – Contributions of Social Psychology to the Analysis and Resolution of International Conflict

Ronald J. Fisher, Visiting Senior Scholar



#7 – Conflict Early Warning Systems: The Guatemalan Experience

Andrés Álvarez Castañeda, Visiting Fulbright Scholar

2012. First, the article reviews the history of Early Warning Systems (EWS) and conflictFirst, the article reviews the history of Early Warning Systems (EWS) and conflict-specific EWS. A brief summary of the project’s history and the institutional framework into which it was embedded is then presented. The models and methodological instruments used by the system are then described. Finally, a series of lessons learned from the project are drawn for future interventions.-specific EWS.


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