Peace cannot be kept fy force; it can only be achieved by understanding. -Albert Einstein

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What is Conflict Resolution?--Conflict resolution is focused on moving conflict presentation and escalation to solution. The approach emphasizes processes of behavior used to assist in this transformation to help commit disputing parties to mutually acceptable positions and to build and enlarge relationships of trust among them.

Why study Conflict Resolution at DU?

Our Conflict Resolution program has deep academic roots, drawing on well established courses spread over various departments within the university alongside newly developed course subjects.

DU offers a truly interdisciplinary degree combining Communications, Law, Business, Social Work, International Studies, Professional Psychology, Theology, and  Applied Communication at University College.

Our Conflict Resolution faculty members are enthusiastic supporters. The core of 15 professors are engaged in teaching and/or research in the field and provide students course options, diversity of views, and quality instruction.

Click here to view a recent presentation that our Director and Institute founder, Dr. Karen Feste gave to prospective Conflict Resolution Students!  



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