Peace cannot be kept fy force; it can only be achieved by understanding. -Albert Einstein
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The study of Conflict Resolution is directed toward a wide range of professionals in today’s world, including mediators, social workers, counselors, business managers, clergy, diplomats, school and university administrators.

The Conflict Resolution Institute offers the Master of Arts degree. The University of Denver also has a “Flexible Dual” degree option where a student works on 2 M.A. degrees simultaneously under a plan that reduces total credits normally required separately for each degree.

Completion time for the M.A. is 1 calendar year for a full time student. For a flex-dual program, add one to three more years depending on the program. Students may enroll part-time or full-time.

The interdisciplinary program in Conflict Resolution is focused on the study and application of alternative theories, various types of bargaining and negotiation techniques, and related ethical issues, examined through selected cases of conflict to understand how to manage and improve social patterns and policy choices between individuals, within organizations, and across cultures.

The program combines a scholarly and vocational approach—theory with practice—in exploring a range of environments where conflict arises, such as

The Political arena: from international diplomacy to national and local government policy discussion;

The Business arena: from corporate boardrooms to management-worker relations and human resources issues;

The Personal arena: from social work to family counseling to parent-child relations.

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