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Spring 2013 Newsletter

CRI Practicum

Creating Regional Connections & Building Capacity

Resolving the Syria Crisis

Internship Report: Rachel Tardiff


Spring 2013 Newsletter
Volume 8, Number 2
Conflict Resolution Institute 
at the University of Denver
Linking Scholar-Practitioner Relations
Spring Newsletter
CRI Practicum Series:
Preparing Tomorrow's Practitioners

The practicum requirement, now in its fourth year, for the Master's program in Conflict Resolution is equipping students with practical experience by taking lessons-learned beyond the classroom. The decision to add the practicum to the curriculum in 2010 was in part to make the DU program superior to other Conflict Resolution Masters programs across the country. In addition, with students in mind, the program designers wanted to increase the immediate employability of the students by both providing extensive practical experience for the students, while also to helping connect them to working professionals in the various Conflict Resolution fields.  Since its inception, the practicum was designed to be a "learning" program, utilizing student and faculty feedback to continually improve the experience for students with each passing year.  This design value has ensured that DU's practicum is currently and continually providing the best possible practical experience to their Conflict Resolution students.  More on the Practicum

Resolving the Syrian Crisis
CRI Co-Sponsors Conference with Center for Middle East Studies
Syria Conference

University of Denver's Center for Middle East Studies held a two-day event on January 10-11th of 2013, co-sponsored by the Conflict Resolution Institute. Entitled Resolving the Syrian Crisis, the goal of the event was threefold: to outline the changing nature of the conflict, to detail who the key players in the civil war are, and to contemplate the possible outcomes when all is said and done. Learn More about the Syrian Crisis

CRI Center for Research & Practice
Creating Regional Connections & Building Capacity
NRLI Event 
At the close of the year 2012 CRI's Center for Research & Practice held two events bringing practitioners together to collaborate and discuss the future for their field on a local and regional level. In November CRI hosted the Building Capacity for Collaboration in Natural Resources Symposium and Summit in partnership with Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute.  The second event, Cross-community Working Group co-hosted by Building Bridges (formerly known as Seeking Common Ground) facilitated a group of organizations based in Denver working with youth and youth-workers in peacebuilding efforts across the city. Read More 
In This Issue
CRI Master's Program Practicum Series
Resolving the Syria Crisis
Creating Regional Connections & Building Capacity
Internship Spotlight
Internship Report
Rachel Tardiff: Mercy Corps
Rachel Tardiff (MA '13) had the exciting opportunity to intern with Mercy Corps at their headquarters in Portland, Oregon from July though August of 2012. Read More
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