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Susan Meyer, M.A. '99, U.S. Foreign Service Officer

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The M.A. in Conflict Resolution prepares students for positions of leadership in management, negotiation, and mediation at all levels—from community to corporate settings and from local government to international organizations. The educational training is designed for anyone wishing to enhance skills for managing conflict in their current profession; and it offers a wider base of skills for jobs where the management of conflict is an asset.

Professionals in today's world often spend substantial time dealing with interpersonal and organizational conflict. Conflict Resolution training is designed to encourage effectiveness and efficiency in problem solving in a variety of settings. Lawyers may enhance their credentials by adding mediation to their practice; human resource personnel may offer new forms of corporate and bureaucratic solution techniques; diplomats will add to their repertoire of negotiation talents in cross-cultural environments; and community organizers, educators, and clergy will expand their strategies and techniques of creative methods for conflict management.

Students who complete the degree will have a better view of understanding social problems in more comprehensive and compassionate perspectives that allow them to foresee, analyze, and implement trends in conflict management. They will also have a set of technical skills to display creativity in constructing problem solving settings. Finally, through the program, they will develop an increased social awareness of conflict resolution complexities in culturally diverse groups.

Graduates from our program in Conflict Resolution have been placed in significant positions in non-profit agencies, government, business, and academic institutions, working in athletic programs, human resources and employee relations, and mediation and dispute centers in both the United States and abroad. They have been placed with the U.S. Foreign Service, AmeriCorps, and Homeland Security; Seeds for Peace, Search for Common Ground, and the Center for Dispute Settlement; Channel 9News, Regis University, the Iliff School of Theology, First Trust, TIAA-CREF, University of Wisconsin Hospital, and University of Denver Athletics and Recreation. Several graduates have pursued Ph.D. degrees.


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