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Women's Conference

Women's Conference


Below is an alphabetized list of workshops that will be offered during the two morning and one afternoon breakout sessions Click on the title to expand the description. Full biographies of presenters follow (in alphabetical order).

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Session I Workshops - 9:30-10:45

Art as a Narrative and the Responsibility of the Audience - Sturm 435

This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to interact with a variety of art and forms of expression. The facilitators will provide tools for interpreting the art and using it as a catalyst for conversation as it relates to identity, culture, and social justice. Participants will also engage in dialogue that challenges ones world view. At the end of the workshop, these participants will develop a responsibility in recognizing art as a method of communication for stepping in someone else's shoes and will be challenged to use this critical lens in documenting our community.

Presenters: Mike Roderique and Joel Cruz

Bullying in Academia: Uncivil Behavior in Civic-Minded Spaces - Driscoll 135

Thinking about elementary or secondary school, was there a bully in your class or school? Bullying is no longer something we only hear about with young children. Some say it's all around us, on television, on social media, and in our workplaces. The American Psychological Association defines bullying as "a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words or more subtle actions." Higher education is not immune to bullying. At the end of this interactive session, attendees should:

• Evaluate the difference between harassment and bullying,
• Understand the complex nature of bullying and identify a few types of bullying,
• Note how bullying affects people,
• Quantify the potential financial impact bullying has on an organization, and
• Know some techniques for handling and reducing the risk of bullying.

Presenter: Raymonda Burgman

Diary of a Working Mom - Sturm 335

For many women, being a mother is a very personal and vulnerable part of their identity. Most mothers, experience a struggle to balance their careers, parenting, and their own wellness. How can we as parents and colleagues support each other? How can supervisors support working mom employees? In this session participants will learn about some of the challenges facing today's working moms and participate in an interactive discussion intended to fuel the exchange of ideas for creating your own unique work/life balance. Come prepared to have real conversations about the paradox of motherhood, parental judgment, the stereotypes of Supermom, and the myth of having it all ( whatever that means). Join us for what promises to be a meaningful dialogue as we share our experiences of resilience, imperfection, struggle and victory when juggling both motherhood and a career.

Presenters: Tonnett Luedtke, Maria Kuntz and Katie Seymour

Fair Trade: And Economic Opportunity for All - Sturm 312

This presentation will cover the topic of Fair Trade, how it positively impacts people in developing countries and right here in Denver, CO. This will be an interactive session which: deconstructs the difference between Fair Trade and free trade, explores conventional economics vs Fair Trade opportunities, and the positive long-lasting effects Fair Trade can have on men and women around the globe.

Presenters: Rebecca Yount and Hayley Morris

Honor a Woman's Voice and She Will Heal the World - Sturm 490

Society has have been robbing girls and women of their voices for generations, and the implications are rippling across genders worldwide. We will look at how equating women and emotions to weakness has deteriorated the emotional health of our society and increased sexual crimes against both women and men, suicide, and terrorism. We will explore how families, communities, and the world will thrive when we, as men and women, empower feminine traits such as compassion and creativity in all human beings.

Presenter: Sahar Paz

How Different Genders Handle Criticism - Sturm 380

The ability to deliver and receive criticism is a fundamental skill for most professionals. Managers deliver criticism when conducting formal performance reviews and on-the-job coaching, while educators deliver criticism in the form of giving feedback on assignments and classroom activities. Differences in how males and females deliver and receive feedback have been noted in research. It is largely argued that men are more likely to externalize issues by blaming circumstances and other people that created the issue, while women are more likely to internalize the issue and blame themselves.

The purpose of this workshop is to help attendees become better managers, educators, co-workers and students by learning several excellent methods for delivering and receiving criticism. We will explore how men and women react differently to confusing or difficult conversations by examining case studies contextualized by a variety of professional and personal settings. Learning goals for the workshop will be achieved through a combination of exercises that involve media and small group discussion.

Attendees will gain appreciation for differences in male and female-speak and heighten the level of mutual respect, thus cultivating better relationships and collaborative success.

Presenter: Stephanie Bor

Positional Power, Social Justice Values and the Academy - Sturm 412

As educators, we strive to teach values and ethics around multiculturalism and issues of power, privilege, and oppression that are central to maintaining systems of inequality. Now we must turn our critical gaze inward to examine these same power structures as they exist in the academy. In this session, we will examine the levels of power relationships within the academy and explore how cultural power, privilege and oppression intersect and reinforce the positional privileges inherent in educational hierarchies and identify ways in which we can use our positional and cultural privilege to challenge these dynamics toward greater justice in the academy.

Presenters: Karen Bensen and Lisa Ingarfield

Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence - Driscoll 145

Your greatest call is to be your greatest self. So, how do you discover and express the most extraordinary version of you? The answer is this: You must care for the totality of your being. Total self-care is the key to being extraordinary in every area of your life. Total self-care includes physical, mental, and emotional care—and the understanding that all these dimensions of our experience (and our expression) are connected. When we live out of total self-care, we can begin to recognize and fulfill our callings at the highest level.

Presenter: Cynthia James

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Success (in Life or Work) - Sturm 253

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) refers to the ability to recognize and regulate emotions in ourselves and others through self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and relationship management. By recognizing and regulating these areas, we maximize our personal state of being, which in turn improves our interactions and relationships.

Businesses are now saying effective leaders are highly emotionally intelligent, and often weigh EQ as a success predictor higher than IQ. For both females and males, the new data suggests important opportunities for leveraging strengths to become more effective at people leadership.

How do we actually identify and learn EQ, put it to practical use on a daily basis, and know it's working, especially in a fast-paced home or work environment? This workshop we will help illuminate an individual's natural capacity for EQ, and help participants identify their own awareness of their emotions with activities around work, home, travel and much more.

Presenter: Natalie McVeigh

Where the Body Goes, the Mind Will Follow - Sturm 424

In Amy Cuddy's ground-breaking and highly watched Ted talk, she shows the world how to access power and confidence by shifting body positions. Particularly important to women, who have been taught to literally make themselves smaller than men, but by no means a women's only issue. Men, too, find themselves in situations where accessing the power of presence is pivotal to success in both business and personal relationships. In this presentation, we will expand on this information and explore all the ways the body can influence how one moves through the world, mentally and emotionally. In this very interactive presentation, attendees will learn how to catch the thoughts that create stress and rigidity in the body and to implement subtle shifts in posture and movement to invite new possibilities. Decrease stress, invite joy and improve relationships by tapping into your body's wisdom.

Presenter: Melanie Smithson

Women in Faith - Driscoll 127

Attendees will receive three unique views of women in faith and religion on DU's campus and how our unique identities create interfaith relationships across several boundaries. Furthermore, attendees will learn new language and tools to be an ally for women in religious other than your own. Or, alternatively how to be an ally if you do not have a tradition. The panelists will feature case studies of the challenges that undergraduate women face being religious and how we can all work together for the common good.

Presenters: Sarah Yaffe, Neda Kikha and Kirsten Wilshire

Session II Workshops - 11:00-12:15

Calling All Men: We need YOU to help end Gender-Based Violence - Sturm 312

Gender-based violence (GBV) is an epidemic that affects all of us, yet many men feel alienated or afraid to engage in conversations about sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of GBV. How do we dismantle the stigma that gender-based violence is a "women's" issue? Drawing on the work of Jackson Katz and other male-allies, this interactive workshop will provide working space to discuss how we can educate, inspire, and hopefully enlist the men in our lives to take a stand against gender-based violence.

Presenter: Lindsey Feitz

Fillipino Women Leading the Way to an Organic Farming Revolution - Sturm 333

Sherry Manning will share the story of the founding or Friends of ENCA Farm and where their programs and work are heading in the Philippines today. Led by the vision and dedication of the women of the Cosalan Family, ENCA Farm is inspiring Filipino Female Organic Farmers throughout their community to return to the ancient practice of seed saving and return the land to sustainable organic farming practices.

Presenter: Sherry Manning

From "Stressed, Distracted and Rushed" to "Woah, This Works" - Sturm 253

Gain actionable and repeatable exercises that help you gain calm, focus and energy to increase your capacity to deal with the pressures of an intense day at work. Come learn how to improve your ability to surf the highs and lows, and infuse your life and work with insights, calm precision and focus. Stay ahead of the daily grind and recharge your energy and focus through bite-sized meditation exercises.

Presenter: Grace Estripeaut

International Students in the U.S.: Understanding the Intersectionality of Gender and Religion - Sturm 334

Session attendees will learn more about the experiences of women, international students who are also Muslim. This session is relevant for student affairs professionals who would like to gain more resources to support this population in higher education settings.

Presenters: Meseret Hailu, Lauren Collins and Alisha Stanton

Leading from Within: Three Keys to Living a Life with Purpose and Passion - Sturm 335

In order to be an effective leader in the workplace, we must first be an effective leader in our own lives... and that begins by truly knowing ourselves. Leading From Within is a highly inspirational presentation on becoming authentic leaders in all facets of our lives. Using powerful stories and humorous antidotes, Greg provides the necessary tools and insights into how to lead a purposeful and enriching life.

Presenter: Greg Giesen

Pressure on the Womb: The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody - Driscoll 127

The 'average' woman will spend anywhere from 2,400 to 3,500 days of her life menstruating. Yet, across cultures there are negative socially constructed messages that women often internalize about such a significant event of their lives. Pressure on the Womb: The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody is about unpacking the messages of uncleanliness, fear of pain, and secrecy often associated with menstruation. To elaborate on this topic the workshop will (a) explore the cultural history of menstruation, (b) unpack media messages regarding menstruation, and (c) illustrate the correlation between internalized messages about menstruation and pregnancy. Menstruation and pregnancy are usually considered women's issues, however society's suppression of powerful feminine energy directly affects women and ultimately impacts everyone. By the end of this presentation, participants will understand what Briana Simmons and other scholars acknowledge as foundational in improving overall reproductive health.

Presenter: Briana Simmons

Salary Negotiation Tips for Women and Men: Get Paid What You're Worth - Driscoll 145

The gender pay-gap between women and men continues to exist. This entertaining, informative and hands-on workshop will discuss why, according to the Economic Policy Institute, women earn an average of 84 cents for the same dollar paid to men and the median hourly wages of U.S. women continue to lag behind those of men.

According to the "Executive Briefing McKinsey Quarterly," (November 2015), gender equality "is not only an issue of fairness but also, for companies, a matter of attracting the best workers, at least half of whom are women....Progressive executives know that gender equality is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing. But gender equality is proving difficult to achieve."

Presenter: Kate Culligan

Self-Care to Prevent Activist Burnout - Driscoll 135

This workshop will open the conversation to attendants about self-care and emotional safety for anyone that cares about women's issues in our society. In a world where we are bombarded with headlines about women being paid less, having their reproductive rights being taken away, harassed, and assaulted, it can feel overwhelming to be a feminist advocate. Participants will be included in a group discussion about the basics of burnout and vicarious trauma, learn how burnout impacts those around us, and come away with self-care strategies.

Presenter: Alyssa Shaw

The Paradoxes of Human Trafficking Protection: Who is Worthy of Saving? - Sturm 492

"Save us from our Saviors." This is the mantra of the non-profit, SANGRAM-VAAMP, a sex-worker collective located in India working to create a collective consciousness among women regarding labor rights. This session will contrast the work of SANGRAM-VAAMP with other western based organizations working globally to end human trafficking. We will explore who has historically been worthy of protection in the field and who has been pushed to the margins of political discourse. The session will also focus on colonialism's influence on human trafficking, state culpability, gender, white feminism, savior complexes, and humanitarian incarceration. Attendees will come away from this session with an overview of historical and contemporary representations of human trafficking "victims" and how these individuals have been constructed as "injured subjects" in need of western solutions of safety. Finally, we will explore the topic of emancipation and how it can be produced sustainably.

Presenter: Kristy Kumar

Women in STEM: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Sturm 490

Within the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), women are drastically outnumbered by their male counterparts, and are faced with many stereotypes, both from colleagues and people outside of the STEM community. Many of these stereotypes translate throughout communities and affect recruitment and retention rates for women in STEM programs. The purpose of this panel discussion is to open the conversation on what it means to be a woman within the STEM fields, and how these stereotypes are having both negative and positive impacts on our careers. The four women on our panel are at various stages within their STEM careers, and will speak from first-hand experiences regarding how they have encountered adversity and how this has impacted their careers. The goal of this workshop is to open discussion, both internally and externally within the STEM field, on how various stereotypes are impacting women in STEM.

Presenters: Erin Mannen, Nancy Lorenzon, Brecca Gaffney, Breigh Roszelle and Sarah Walden

Session III Workshops - 2:15-3:45

Achieving Work Life Balance: 5 Ways Career Professionals Can Strive for Work/Life Balance - Sturm 312

According to a recent workplace study, nearly 1/3 of U.S workers consider work-life balance and flexibility the most important aspect in considering a job offer. In another study, 72% of workers identified "workplace flexibility" as a benefit that would help them choose between job offers.

But this is not only a women's issue; everyone strives for the appropriate work/life balance. How do you get there as an individual? What kinds of work/life flexibility options are important to you? And how does a company use work/life balance as a competitive advantage when recruiting for talent?

• Discover how workplace flexibility can be a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining employees.
• Learn tips and strategies career professionals can utilize to promote work/life balance in their organizations.
• Identify your priority work/life values and get one step closer to finding work you love.
• Hear dozens of examples of how local companies promote work/life balance.

Presenter: Kendra Prospero

Building an Empowered Community: Feminist Pedagogy in the Classroom and Beyond - Sturm 134

Feminist pedagogy encourages the creation of collective self-confidence within professional communities, enables mutual empowerment within the classroom, and focuses on developing leaders who emphasize personal relationships. The intention of the workshop is to inspire attendees to cultivate communities and classrooms where individuals maintain a sense of independence and autonomy, while also creating an environment that embraces each individual's contributions and connection to others. Through the incorporation of feminist pedagogy into all aspects of professional life, our community can engage in a discourse that recognizes the connection between feminist concerns and broader issues of race, class, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Presenters: Anna Harper, Carrie Forbes and Jimena Sagas

Creating Financial Independence - Sturm 253

Women influence 85% of household financial decisions. As of 2014, there are nearly 9.1 million women-owned enterprises, employing nearly 7.9 million workers and generating over $1.4 trillion in revenues. This informational and insurance sales seminar covers a subject matter that is on the minds of many women: the importance of building a financial foundation. Those who attend will leave with a greater understanding of their current financial situation and future financial needs. This seminar will empower women to make informed financial decisions.

Presenter: Danielle Jordan

Cultivating Your Authentic Leadership Through Self Compassion, Curiosity and Courage - Sturm 186

A study conducted in 2015 by McKinsey & Company and reported that, "From entry level to the C-suite, women are underrepresented at US corporations, less likely to advance than men, and face more barriers to senior leadership. In fact, at the rate of progress of the past three years, it will take more than 100 years for the upper reaches of US corporations to achieve gender parity."

While many barriers are out of our control, women can work towards eliminating our own self-imposed barriers to advancement by developing ourselves as authentic leaders. This engaging presentation will focus on the topic of finding your authentic leadership by cultivating self-compassion, curiosity, and courage.

In this workshop you will learn:

• What holds most women back from truly finding their authentic leadership and achieving their professional goals
• Immediate actions that can help you move past your own self-imposed barriers

Presenter: Adrienne Partridge

From Fragility & Shame to Resiliency and Accountability: On Whiteness and Wholeness in Racial Justice Work - Driscoll 145

Research and practice have shown that when white people are confronted about whiteness, privilege, and racism, they often respond with anger, defensiveness, silence, and/or withdrawal. The #BlackLivesMatter movement and increased public dialogue about privilege and systemic racism continue to highlight the need for white people, individually and collectively, to further develop perspectives and skills that support them to be active initiators of change for racial justice. This interactive workshop is being facilitated by white people, for white people. Through group dialogue and personal exploration, participants will begin to 1) understand the definitions of privilege, shame, white fragility, resiliency, and accountability; 2) identify personal reactions to shame; and 3) envision how to show up in allyship with accountability.

Presenters: Heather Arnold-Reinicker and Will Logan

Imposter Syndrome: Learn to Identify and Crush It So You Can Start Living Your Best Life Today - Sturm 187

When the term Impostor Syndrome was coined in the late 1970's, it was largely considered a women's issue. Subsequent research reveals that most people- regardless of gender- experience Impostor Syndrome at some point in their lives. If you've ever doubted that you deserve your success, didn't feel you truly earned your title, or attributed your achievements to luck and/or an error.... you've been victimized by Impostor Syndrome. But you don't have to be anymore.

In this workshop, you will:
• Learn to identify Impostor Syndrome
• Discover strategies you can start using NOW to minimize it or even eliminate Impostor Syndrome
• Be able to determine when Impostor Syndrome can in fact be useful and how to let it motivate you.
• Take action to start moving toward your dreams and goals today.

Presenter: Pam Moore

LUNAFEST Debrief: Not Just Women's Films - Sturm 424

This session will be an opportunity to discuss the short films from the LUNAFEST film screening the previous night. Through this discussion, we hope to provide participants with the opportunity to connect film concepts with broader societal issues. As films created by, for, and about women, we will show the connections between these films and creating larger societal change.

Presenter: Keelie Sorel and Lydia Supplee

Navigating Hook Up Culture on College Campuses - Driscoll 135

Hook up culture is widespread on college campuses. With the widespread use of digital dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Coffee Meets Bagel, it has become increasingly common for young adults to engage in casual sexual activities. While many individuals, men and women alike, argue that casual sex can be liberating and fun, there seems to be a lack of discussion regarding the impact that such activities may have on individuals.

At this session, we will learn about what exactly hook up culture is, how dating apps contribute to the increase of casual sex, as well as the pros and cons of a hook up culture on college campuses. We will also discuss some of the possible ramifications of engaging in hook up culture, the relation between casual hookups and sexual assault, and how to set clear boundaries and expectations with partners before engaging in casual hookups.

Presenter: Grace Mahoney

Stand With Women - Sturm 234

Our economy is rigged against women and families, particularly low-income women and women of color who face the greatest barriers to equality and opportunity. Instead of prioritizing new laws that give women full and fair opportunities to succeed, too many politicians continue to limit reproductive rights and protect discriminatory policies that boost corporate profits at our expense.

Women make up half the workforce and an ever-growing share of primary breadwinners in households with kids. It's time we all take a stand for the change we need, so that all women can have equal opportunities and fair treatment when it comes to work, health care decisions and having families.

When women succeed we all succeed, and families thrive. It's time to update the rules so women and families can thrive. Colorado Elected Leaders must stand with women for reproductive freedom, fair workplace policies, and an end to discrimination on the job.

Presenter: Shelby Ramirez Martinez

Substantive, Symbolic and Intersectional Representations of Women in Politics - Sturm 310

Thirty-five years have passed since the Convention to Eliminate Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) called on countries to pursue gender equality in political leadership. Since then the numerical representation of women in parliaments has risen globally, but to what extent have parliamentary gender norms changed and women achieved greater substantive, symbolic, and intersectional representation through mass media, an important contributor to public discourse and consciousness? We approach these crucial questions by examining how women in parliament are portrayed by global mass media. Applying systematic quantitative and qualitative content analysis to 265 newspapers from 48 countries over a thirty-five year period we observe several prominent changes in journalistic coverage. Positively, female members of parliaments' (FMP) policy stances now attract more attention than their appearance. Negatively, however, superficial treatments of gender inequality and intersectionality remain common while FMPs endure multiple forms of harassment and have been victims of increasing violence in recent years.

Presenters: Meseret Hailu and Lauren Reising

Women's Coalition Closed Business Meeting - Driscoll 127

This is an invite-only, internal business meeting for the chairs of the Women's Coalition subgroups. The Women's Coalition will communicate directly with those who should attend.

Presenter Bios (Alphabetical by Last Name)


Heather Arnold-Renicker, MSW, is an adjunct professor and currently serves on the core team of SURJ Denver (Showing Up for Racial Justice) and does fundraising, training and consulting with local social justice organizations. Will R. Logan, MSW candidate, is a student in the Graduate School of Social Work, an intern therapist at Denver Family Institute, and a co-organizer on the core team of SURJ Denver (Showing Up for Racial Justice).

Ramona Beltran, MSW, PhD (Mexica/Yaqui) – Dr. Beltran's scholarship focuses on the intersections of historical trauma, embodiment, and environmental/social determinants of health as they affect health and risk behaviors in indigenous communities. She specializes in using decolonizing theories and methodologies with an emphasis on qualitative and innovative geo-spatial and photographic technologies in community-based research and practice.

Karen Bensen, MSW, is the Assistant Dean for Community Academic Programs at the Graduate School of Social Work where social justice is integral to her teaching and community work, both locally and internationally. Her 25 years of practice experience has helped her see firsthand how power and privilege has played out in nonprofits and academia.

Dr. Stephanie E. Bor practices her expertise and passion in the field of organizational communication as both a Management Consultant and Adjunct Professor. Her areas of focus include change management and organization design. Bor earned her doctorate in Communication from the University of Utah in 2013.

Lauren Collins is a PhD student in the Higher Education program at the Morgridge College of Education. She is a trained qualitative researcher with a current research focusing on the globalization of business education and critical examination of of travel and cross-cultural engagement.

Kate Culligan is one of Denver's most well-known career coaches. After more than 14 years in marketing/media, she earned her master's degree in organizational performance from Colorado State University and certifications in coaching, training and critical assessment vehicles. She has worked with thousands of professionals, from baby boomers too millennials, helping them create successful career strategies for surviving change and developing career roadmaps that leverage their talents. As an engaging presenter, Kate facilitates training on personal branding, emotional intelligence, interviewing and the art of surviving office politics.

Joel Cruz is a second-year MA student within the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. He will be graduating in June with a degree in Higher Education. Joel is also the Graduate Assistant of Operations within Housing and Residential Education at the University of Denver. He is a passionate photographer, videographer, and mentor to youth.

Emily Dolezal served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkmenistan as an English language teacher at a local school, teaching students in grades 4-10. She then worked as an education abroad advisor and international student advisor in universities in the Atlanta area. Emily has volunteered and served on the board of Ten Thousand Villages Atlanta and was excited to join the TTV Denver volunteer team upon her recent move to Denver.

When executives, city officials and HR leaders hit a block, they call Grace Estripeaut. She is the founder of Boost your Zen, Denver's premier mindfulness training company, offering 'targeted' stress reduction training and meditations in the workplace with a focus on minimizing employee stress and boosting productivity, focus and wellbeing. I'm on a Mission to ignite your workdays with ease, mental clarity, focus and inspiration. I hope you'll join me!

Lindsey Feitz is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Gender and Women's Studies Program at DU. She earned her MA and PhD at the University of Kansas where she researched the intersections between U.S. nation-building, consumer culture, and violence.

Carrie Forbes, Associate Dean for Student and Scholar Services, heads the public service units of the University of Denver Libraries, including reference, circulation, interlibrary loan, and reserves. She also serves as the library liaison/subject specialist to the Colorado Women's College.

Brecca Gaffney is a third year Ph.D. Student in the Human Dynamics Laboratory at DU with an anticipated graduation date of June 2017. She received an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from DU in 2013 and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 2011. Her research focuses on an understanding of compensatory movement patterns used by lower-limb amputees using methods that are efficiently translated to a clinical setting.

Greg Giesen is the manager of people development at the University of Denver where he provides an array of professional development services for faculty and staff. With a Master's degree in Personnel Services and Counseling from Greg Giesen is the manager of People Development at the University of Denver where he provides an array of professional development services for faculty and staff. With a Master's degree in Personnel Services and Counseling from Miami University, Greg brings over twenty-five years of experience in corporate consulting, training and conflict mediation. Greg is also an adjunct graduate professor at DU's University College and is the author of his award-winning business novel, Mondays At 3: A Story for Managers Learning to Lead.


Trish Becker-Hafnor, MSW. In her current position as the Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement & Special Events for the Graduate School of Social Work, Trish works to build community and support the professional development of social work alumni. She received an MSW from the University of Washington with a focus on mental health, but found that her strengths lie in program development and community engagement.

Meseret Hailu is a Ph.D student in the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. At, Morgridge, she studies Higher Education and works under the guidance of her adviser, Dr. Frank Tuitt. Meseret's research interests are grounded in comparative international education, with a special emphasis on gender issues in STEM programs in Ethiopian higher education.

Anna Harper, Reference and Instruction Librarian at the University Libraries, is the liaison to the Department of Education, University College, and the Writing Program. She especially enjoys working with the non-traditional and first generation college students in her liaison areas. Social justice issues are extremely important to her and teaching skills that provide equitable information access to all of her students is one of the aspects of her work she finds most rewarding.

Associate Professor Leslie Hasche focuses on clinical social work practice related to gerontology and mental health. Her research is aimed at improving care for older adults, particularly in the areas of depression and trauma, such as elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. She also serves as coordinator of the Aging Services and Policy concentration at GSSW, and enjoys integrating her research and previous practice experience into the classroom.

Cynthia James is a transformational coach, speaker and multiple award-winning author of What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops including: Omega Institute, , the Colorado Behavior Healthcare Council and the Women's Success Forum. Her APP for iPhones and Droids, Affirmative Living, is in English and Spanish. Newest book: I CHOOSE ME: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work debuts June 1, 2016.

Danielle Jordan is a financial professional. For 14 years she has used a holistic approach that takes a person, or business's entire financial picture into consideration. She is a graduate of the Colorado Women's College (Communication 2015). She lives in Lakewood, Co, where she has built a home with her wife Cyndi, Ollyvia their Australian Shepard, and Kiki their Russian blue. Her offices are located in Denver and Arvada.

Kristy Kumar is an Human Rights M.A. candidate concentrating in Human Trafficking. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and has conducted research on commercial sexual exploitation in Bangkok slums and served as a Fulbright Scholar in Perak, Malaysia. Kristy also worked as a Case Manager and Youth Leadership Coordinator where she supported human trafficking survivors through counseling and crisis response.

Maria Kuntz, Marketing and Events Manager in University Career Services, has worked at DU since 2010. She will receive an MA in International and Intercultural Communication from DU this June. Her research addresses digital identity management and international newspaper coverage of the Greek economic crisis. She received a BA in French, International Studies and Theater from Loyola University Chicago and is a former Fulbright Scholar in Greece.

Will R. Logan, MSW candidate, is a student in the Graduate School of Social Work, an intern therapist at Denver Family Institute, and a co-organizer on the core team of SURJ Denver (Showing Up for Racial Justice). Will is passionate about engaging in difficult conversations about power, privilege, and oppression, and organizing fellow white people in accountable racial justice work.

Dr. Nancy Lorenzon is a Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Denver. Her research focuses on acquiring a better understanding of calcium channel function and protein interactions involved in calcium signaling in muscle and neurons. Dr. Lorenzon holds a B.S. in Animal Behavior from Bucknell University and a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Nuerobiology from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.

Tonnett Luedtke was born and raised in Houston, TX. She and her husband moved to Denver in 2004 in order to be close to the mountains. They have had a blast hiking, skiing, cycling, and running. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Houston (2000) and a Master of Arts in Higher Education from the University of Denver.(2006). Currently, she is the Director of Advising and Orientation at the Univeristy of Denver and loves it! She enjoys running and ran her first marathon Oct 2007. Although she had a great time, she learned that she prefers shorter race distances 5k, 10k, half-marathons.

Dr. Erin Mannen is a post-doctoral research fellow working in the Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at DU. Dr. Mannen studies the biomechanics of the human body through both cadaveric and human subject research. She plans to pursue a tenure-track faculty position and build a research program focusing on women's biomechanical issues. Dr. Mannen earned her B.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Kansas.

Sherry Manning served as Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines from 2006-2008. She was fortunate enough to be assigned to the town of Tublay in Benguet Province and the loving Cosalan Family as her host family. Sherry dedicated her service to helping the Cosalan's develop their ancestral land ENCA Farm, into an organic farming training center this work has now expanded and supports organic farmers throughout the Philippines.

Natalie McVeigh is the Director of Research at Family Owned Business Resources (FOBR) and on the faculty of New England College of Business & Finance. Her firm leads in leveraging descriptive and predictive assessments in their practice with high net worth clients. FOBR specializes in creating on-demand, online as well as custom solutions for family owned businesses of any size. Natalie has made a career of consulting and problem solving for various business entities at many entry points.

Pam Moore is a writer, speaker, mother, and an athlete. The author of There's No Room For Fear in a Burley Trailer, Pam's writing has appeared in Colorado Runner Magazine, and on websites including Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, and Today's Funniest Parents. Despite (or perhaps because) she was consistently picked last in gym, she has completed two IronmanTM triathlons and six marathons. Pam loves books, coffee, and the rare moment when she is home alone with both.


Adrienne Partridge, Ph.D is a Leadership Coach on a mission to accelerate the growth and advancement of female leaders and for the companies in which they work. She does this through keynote speaking, workshops, coaching programs, as well as implementing corporate inclusiveness and diversity strategies. A thought leader on women and leadership, Dr. Partridge is columnist for and writes for The Huffington Post.

In an emotional and thought provoking presentation, Sahar Paz, author of "Find Your Voice" shares her story of fleeing war-torn Iran for Denver, Co., only to discover that girls in the Land Of The Free have also had their voices, and their lives, devalued. Bringing shame to the voice and emotions of a woman brings down her entire family, including her husband, sons, and daughters

As the CEO & Founder of Turning the Corner, Kendra Prospero helps people find work they love, build their organization for success, and fights to end suffering in the workplace. She helps people transform their JOB and helps businesses transform their COMPANY. Kendra provides career services to help accelerate the job search and helps businesses with talent management, engagement, HR consulting, visioning & strategic planning, and leadership training.

Shelby Ramirez Martinez: 9to5 is one of the largest, most respected national organizations of working women in the U.S., dedicated to putting working women's issues on the public agenda. 9to5 has celebrated over 40 years of winning justice. We're mostly women, many of us working two jobs or more to make ends meet for our families. By working together we've made things a lot better for women and working families. 9to5's mission is to build a movement for economic justice, by engaging directly affected women to improve working conditions.

Mike Roderique is a full-time Resident Director at the University of Denver. He is a continuing artist with practice in painting, drawing, and textiles. Mike also mentors local youth through ArtCorps, a non-profit organization, about art making and social action.

Dr. Breigh Roszelle is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at DU. Dr. Roszelle currently teaches courses in the fields of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and introduction to engineering. Her educational research interests include first-year engineering experiences, assessment, and active learning pedagogy. Dr. Roszelle holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University, as well as, an M.S. and Ph.D. in Bioengineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

Jimena Sagàs, MLIS is a College Liaison Librarian/ Assistant Professor at Colorado State University Libraries. She was initially hired to serve international students. She broadened her focus to include underserved groups by connecting library services to university-wide retention and persistence efforts. Formerly, Sagàs worked as a library professional at the Poudre River Public Library District where she organized a literacy program for Spanish-speaking women called Descubre tu paz (Discover your peace): Empowering women through literacy.

Katie Seymour is currently working at The University of Denver, Student Life as the Assistant Director of Academic Advising. She has over 9 years of experience in the field of Higher Education. Previously, Katie held a position with the Daniels College of Business as an Academic Advisor. She has a B.A. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Political Science and Spanish and holds a Masters of Health Administration and Management (MHS).

Alyssa Shaw is a first year graduate student at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work specializing in mental health and animal assisted social work. She has experience working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, youth and families struggling with homelessness, and international social work. She just moved to Denver from her home state of Ohio after living on Cape Cod for 1 year.

Briana Simmons, born and raised in Kansas City, Mo, is a first year M.A. candidate in the International Human Rights program at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. At the forefront of Briana's interests are reproductive justice, modern slavery, and education. She is currently employed with the Center on Rights Development and the Human Trafficking Center. Briana is also in the process of completing doula training and certification.

Melanie Smithson, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, CHT is the author of the award-winning book, Stress Free in 30 Seconds: A Slightly Irreverent Approach to Navigating Life's Challenges and co-owner of Smithson Clinic, Inc. in Lakewood, Colorado. Dragged to her first dance class at the edge of four, the power of movement and the wisdom of the body is in her bones. She teaches how to use the body as an ally to support joyful living.

Keelie Sorel is the Program Coordinator of the Social Justice Living and Learning Community, a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Outreach and Support and a Master's candidate in the Higher Education Department at DU. Within these roles, and in her future as a student affairs practitioner, she is committed to addressing societal inequities in an effort to make the world a better place.

Lydia Supplee is a second year Master's student in the Higher Education program at the Morgridge College of Education as well as an Academic Advisor at University of Denver Colorado Women's College. Originally from Colorado Springs, CO, Lydia is excited and passionate about inclusive leadership development for women of all ages and is so excited to be co-presenting for the first time at the DU Women's Conference.

Alisha Stanton is a current doctoral student at the University of Denver and entered the field of education after spending many years in broadcast sports and music entertainment. As part of the inaugural administrative staff of the Denver Center for International Studies at Montbello (DCISM), a Denver Public School, she provided opportunities to promote global and cultural learning, and positive youth development.

Kay Taylor has served as a volunteer at the Ten Thousand Villages Denver store for ten years and on the board of directors for three years. In addition, she has given a number of presentations on Ten Thousand Villages and Fair Trade to community groups. In 2009 she spent a year in Malawi in sub-Sahara Africa and saw firsthand the challenges of families in the developing world and the life changing impact fair trade organizations can have on them.

Sarah Walden is a junior undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering at DU, and looks forward to continuing at DU for her M.S. degree. She is currently working on a PINs research grant project involving 3D scanning technology used in analyzing foot geometries purposed towards orthopedics, footwear, and other such applications. Whatever time she has outside of research and her coursework, she spends reading books and hiking in the mountains.

Sarah Yaffe is a 4th year who likes to engage the DU community in critical reflection. As Co-President of DU Service & Change, she has advocated for making DU more engaged in service that targets under-served populations. She coordinated the annual Day of Action event in partnership with the Center for Multicultural Excellence. She also is an officer of Interfaith Advocates and commits to bringing people together to celebrate our differences.