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Academic Commons at DU

Research & Innovation

Research Facilities

No matter what subject you want to explore, we have the tools you'll need, including:

  • Macs and PCs equipped with research applications and tools
  • wi-fi and broadband connections to desks in the classroom
  • globally connected videoconferencing systems

Conducting research on campus


DU students access the latest technology in our classrooms, labs and research centers.

Nestled in the middle of campus, the Anderson Academic Commons houses all DU's main academic services, including:

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With three floors of teaching and research labs, the Seeley G. Mudd Building is loaded with equipment, including a scanning electron microscope, plus all the tools you need to study everything from energy-dispersive spectroscopy to X-ray diffraction.

Students stroll through the 125-acre campus


You can experiment with optics, electronics, microprocessors and robotics in our labs. Our mechanical engineering testing facility even has its own wind tunnel.


Computer wizards can run programs and simulations on our lightning-fast Sun Enterprise 250 server with dual UltraSparc/II processors. Other amenities include 20 Sun Solaris workstations, a switched fast Ethernet network and a Linux-based PC research lab.


You can probe all kinds of minds in our psychology labs. The labs have everything you need for running experiments, from simple observation rooms with one-way mirrors to computers for controlling experimental stimuli and equipment for measuring EDA, ECG and EMG data (that is, keeping track of brain waves).

DU students access the latest technology in our classrooms, labs and research centers.


If television is on your brain, you can produce your own news show in the Media, Film & Journalism Studies Building's studio space, with three cameras, a flexible lighting grid and surround sound. After you shoot, you can finish the project in the full media production facility that includes suites for video editing and DVD production.

If you're longing to step outside the lab, you can get a new perspective using our off-campus facilities.

And whether you're looking for the most up-to-date online database or the good old printed word, the libraries at DU will have the resources you need.