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Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate lab research

Field research

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Undergraduates at DU get rare opportunities to conduct their own research or work side-by-side with professors on projects with real-world applications.

It's part of DU's commitment to learning by experience--letting students put their knowledge into action now, not years in the future.

It's not unusual for a student to collaborate on a published journal article, to work in the lab alongside graduate students or to accompany professors to a conference to present research findings.

So picture yourself behind goggles and running the centrifuge. It could be you digging through the original sources and out in the field collecting samples--in other words, doing your own scholarly projects and finding your own answers.

Programs supporting undergrad research

  • We believe so strongly in undergraduate research opportunities that we sponsor Partners in Scholarship. PINS lets you work directly with a faculty member on a project that you design and it even funds your research.
  • Our honors program also helps students develop their own scholarship and pairs them with a faculty member.
  • Another option is doing an independent study through your academic program. Nearly every department offers the chance to team up with a faculty member and develop a project that reflects your interests.  
  • If you want to apply your classroom learning in the workplace instead of the lab, you can break out and blaze your own path with an internship. You could end up working at the Denver Zoo, ESPN or the United Nations. The University's Career Center can help you find the right internship, and so can your academic department. 

Once you choose a project you love, DU's extensive research facilities and user-friendly libraries will give you the resources you need to finish it.