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Intellectual Property, Copyright and Related Issues
at the University of Denver



The University of Denver is committed to full observance of all copyright and information security laws. As such, the University complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998), and may terminate the network access of users who are found to repeatedly infringe on the copyright of others, and may take such other disciplinary measures as it deems appropriate.

General Information

The Intellectual Property & Events Division serves to identify, nurture, cultivate and protect the intellectual property rights of the University of Denver. The spectrum of interest ranges from trademarks and insignia, to patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and the name, image and reputation of the University and its participants. Although there is a legal mission involved in this process, the Division also performs the business tasks of managing sponsorships, television and radio production, and certain entrepreneurial ventures where the intangible right to be associated with the University is involved. Finally, the Division creates and manages certain events conducted at University facilities that impact upon the University's role as a cultural crossroads of the community.

The policies and guidelines on this site are intended to provide University staff, employees and students with insight into how the University manages intellectual property matters. Not only must we deal with the traditional subjects of patents, trademarks and copyrights, but modern technology dictates that we also address an array of issues that arise from use of University websites and the expanding importance of digital communications and worldwide web access to our educational environment. Because the law is in a state of flux regarding many of these subjects, the University reserves the right to modify any of these policies or guidelines in the future in accordance with established process.

In addition to our policies, we wanted to recommend a helpful Web site containing a great deal of information on copyright in higher education. This Web site was developed at the University of Texas, so some of the material on the site is specific to that university. However, most of the information is very applicable to all faculty and staff, and the "Crash Course in Copyright" is easy to read and to use. You will find links to the University of Texas "Crash Course" and their "Rules of Thumb" on the menu to the left.

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