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Report Suspicious or Improper Activity

About Us

Report Potential Problems and Assist with Compliance

The University of Denver is committed to full compliance with state and federal laws. To meet this compliance commitment, the University needs to know when there are potential compliance problems. You are encouraged to let the University know when you suspect there has been or may be a compliance issue. You are also encouraged to contact the University if you merely have a question as to whether conduct is compliant. Absent your input, it is difficult for the University to meet its full compliance goal.

It is easy for you to report potential problems or raise questions.  There are several ways to report, and you can report anonymously, if you prefer. These reporting methods are designed to make you feel comfortable raising issues or posing questions.

Your reports are taken seriously. They are logged, reviewed, and resolved appropriately, working with the University's Office of General Counsel, Enterprise Risk Management, and the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Here are the ways you can report a potential problem or raise questions:

  • You can call our hotline at 303-871-7439. You can leave a message on our analog answering machine. You can leave an anonymous message if you like. The machine does not record the number you used to place your call.
  • You can download our form for reporting suspicious or improper activity, print, and complete it. If you wish, you can remain anonymous by:
    1. Mailing your form to: Attn: Internal Audit, Room 309, Mary Reed Building; or
    2. Slipping the form beneath the door of Room 309 of the Mary Reed Building; or
    3. Completing and submitting the online form without identifying yourself.
  • You may also choose to report in person. Any member of the Internal Audit team will be happy to receive your report.

Examples of What You Might Report

It is hard to predict what questions you might have or problems you might see. But, here are some examples of common issues at colleges and universities:

  • You might see improper practices regarding monies, reimbursements, University accounts or other financial issues
  • You might believe that a program at the University is not managed in compliance with law
  • You might see conduct that makes you think there is likely a compliance issue, but you cannot figure out what it might be
  • You might see safety issues or conduct that appears outside of proper guidelines
  • You might see conduct that appears to violate University policies
  • You might see a problem that appears to violate state or federal laws

Of course, if you suspect criminal activity on campus or see conduct that raises immediate safety concerns, you should contact Campus Safety at 303-871-3000 or call 911.