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Economics 2013-2014

Degree Requirements

The program requires 45 credit hours of graduate work in economics, including four required courses (ECON 3670, ECON 4020, ECON 4030 and ECON 4050) and a required thesis. Up to 10 credit hours may be earned in thesis research (ECON 4995), which means each student has to take at least four electives (ECON 3XXX) totaling 16 credit hours. A student must earn a grade of B- or better in each of the four required courses. The minimum grade for an individual elective course is C- but the minimum GPA is 3.0. The student must also defend her/his thesis in an oral defense and pass it, and then she/he must complete whatever revisions the thesis committee suggests. It is possible to complete all requirements in one academic year, though it is normally best to plan on finishing in the second year of study.

Dual or Joint Degree Programs

Applicants may also apply for a flexible dual-degree program, earning a master's degree jointly in economics and another discipline offered by the University of Denver, subject to approval by the Associate Provost of Graduate Studies. In these programs, the number of credit hours of graduate course work in economics may be reduced, and if the other program requirement is the writing and a defense of a thesis, then (with prior approval from both departments) a combined thesis may be written as long as both departments are equally represented (from original proposal to completion) and so long as the most rigorous requirements are adhered to for completion and oral defense.. For more information about flexible dual-degrees, please visit