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Discover our leading certificate programs.

What is a Certificate?

Academic or credit certificate programs provide substantial education in a specific academic discipline or may be interdisciplinary but center on a coherent and freestanding body of knowledge. The certificate issued at the completion of the program represents the achievement of competence in a well-defined area of study. Academic certificates require a minimum of 24 quarter hours or 16 semester hours of credit.

Why a Certificate?

Certificates are a great way to further your education in an existing field or to get your feet wet in a brand new one. DU offers a wide variety of certificate programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Some certificates are even eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Eligibility

 Federal regulations govern the disclosure of gainful employment and other statistics in relation to certificate programs at an institution. In order to be eligible for funding under the Title IV programs, an educational certificate program must prepare students for "gainful employment in a recognized occupation." Information on what is considered a "gainful employment" program, and definitions of the information an institution must disclose maybe found in Disclosure Details. The full regulation may be found in the Federal Register.


Federal Financial Aid Eligible

Certificate Programs Level Federal Financial Aid
Artist Diploma Graduate Disclosure Information
Arts and Culture Management
  Arts & Culture Marketing
  Arts and Culture Outreach and Advocacy
Graduate Disclosure Information
Communication Management
  Dispute Resolution
  Learning and Development
  Marketing Communication
  Leadership Communication
  Public Relations
Graduate Disclosure Information
Curriculum, Instruction & Teaching
  Teacher Education Program-Elementary
  Teacher Education Program-K-12
  Teacher Education Program-Secondary
Graduate Disclosure Information
Education Leadership & Policy Studies Graduate Disclosure Information
Early Childhood Special Education
Graduate Disclosure Information
Environmental Policy & Management
  Environmental Health & Safety
  Environmental Management
  Environmental Analytics and Reporting
  Environmental Policy
  Energy & Sustainability
  Natural Resource Management
Graduate Disclosure Information
Gifted Education Graduate Disclosure Information
Geographic Information Systems Graduate Disclosure Information
Global Community Engagement
  Culture and Diversity
  Translation Studies
  Global Issue
Graduate Disclosure Information
Healthcare Management
  Global Health Program Management
  Health Data Informatics and Analytics
  Healthcare Policy and Regulatory Leadership
  Managing Legal Issues in Healthcare
  Medical and Healthcare Information Technologies
  Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Organizations
Graduate Disclosure Information
Information & Communication Technology
  Database Design & Administration
  Information Systems Security
  Mobile Application Development
  Project Management
  Software Design & Programming
  Telecommunications Technology
  Technology Management
  Web Design & Development 
  Cybersecurity Management
Graduate Disclosure Information
Organizational Leadership
  Human Capital in Organizations
  Organizational Development
  Strategic Innovation & Change
Graduate Disclosure Information
Legal Administration Graduate Disclosure Information
Library and Information Science
  Research Data Management
Graduate Disclosure Information
Nonprofit Leadership
  Philanthropy and Resource Development
  Social Enterprise, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Graduate Disclosure Information
Professional Creative Writing
  Professional Nonfiction Writing
  Professional Dramatic Writing
  Professional Fiction Writing
  Professional Poetry Writing
Graduate Disclosure Information
Security Management
  Emergency Planning & Response
  Information Security
  Organizational Security
Graduate Disclosure Information
Sport Coaching
  Strength and Conditioning and Fitness Coaching
Graduate Disclosure Information
Strategic Human Resources
  HR Employment Relations
  HR Management & Development
  HR Operations
Graduate Disclosure Information
Supply Chain Management  Graduate Disclosure Information

DU is required to disclose information for Federal Financial Aid eligible programs.