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Engaging Ideas

View the latest Engaging Ideas Interviews

We invite you to view the Engaging Ideas interviews presented below. In the interviews, DU faculty share insights, present new ideas, discuss research findings, and explore intellectual innovations across a wide range of topics. Community groups, schools and other organizations are encouraged to use the interviews as springboards for group discussions. Watch this series trailer for a quick overview.

China Trade Tariffs, Belt and Road

US - China flags, trade war

U.S. trade policy and China's global ambitions

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Information + Technology + Energy

collage of information and technology

The intertwined elements of the global computing revolution

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The March of Maps

compass and map

How maps illuminate the past and point to the future

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The Business of Marijuana

Coin with marijuana leaf and word business

Medical, to recreational, to big business

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Tomorrow's Healthcare

Stethoscope on money

How information and competition are creating new models for healthcare

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To Have and to Hold?


New attitudes toward art museum ethics

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America's Gun Rights Battle

picture of gun on the American flag s

What is happening and why?

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Gardens of Internment

zen garden

Beauty, Hope and Community in a Japanese Internment Camp

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Finding Early Math in Childhood

young brothers and sisters at play with math

Small children, early learning, big implications

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Understanding Diabetes

Health care researchers working

A cell's-eye view

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Democrats' Turning Point?

democratic and republican symbols

Party struggles to find direction after losing presidency

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The Courts and Social Change

The US Supreme Court

How social movements use the courts to achieve policy goals

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north korea

nuclear weapons and north Korean flag

Is there a road map to resolution?

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Valuing Nature

Bee collecting pollen

Ecosystem services and why they count

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democracy on the defensive

Green highlighting of the word democracy

Trends in the U.S. and worldwide

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the "new" news

popular social media icons

How the under-18 generation is redefining news

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Judging the judges

judges gavel

A blueprint for judicial excellence

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military power?

Helicopters and soldier at sunset

The use of military force in the 21st Century

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Responding to victims of intimate violence

person holding another's hand showing compassion

Supporting survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse

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Thinking about the global future

view of earth from space

What are the human prospects for the future?

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restorative justice

statue of lady justice

Bringing healing to victims of crime

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The changing world of cable television

cable connection

Challenges for providers; Opportunities for customers

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collaborating for value

laptop show concept of collaboration

How organizations and customers create value together

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sustainable urbanism

freeway sign saying traffic, traffic and more traffic

Challenges facing growing cities and metropolitan areas

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