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International Student and Scholar Services

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Global Friends Program

Global Friends Welcome to the Global Friends Program! The purpose of this program is to promote friendship across cultures within the University of Denver community by matching international students with a member from the DU faculty, staff or alumni community.  



                         DU Community Applications                               International Student Application

The application is a series of questions regarding your background, personal preferences, and areas of academic and social interests. This will help with the matching process and keep track of which DU students and community member are participating. The Office of International Student & Scholar Services will do its best to match applicants; however, due to availability some applicants may not receive a match. Applicants will be notified via email about whether or not they received a match for the 2018-2019 academic year.

International students may include their spouse and children in the application. International students will need to answer whether they are willing to be matched with an individual, couple or family. International spouses and family members are eligible to participate if they are part of the application of an international student.

DU Community Members can state whether they are willing to host an individual, couple or family. Faculty, staff and alumni can also indicate if they will be applying as an individual, couple or family.

All requests will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed based on the pool of applicants. Please note that priority will go to first-year International Students. The paired DU Community Member and International Student will meet at the "Meet and Greet" and review expectations and guidelines for the program.

Applications are currently needed!
Applications will be accepted until Friday, September 20, 2019.

who are the community members and partners?

The DU Community Members (DUCM) are faculty, staff or alumni who come from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of the United States.

The international student population makes up about 10.6% of the total DU student population, with over 1,200 international students from 92 different countries. The ten countries most represented in this community are China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, Libya, Canada, United Kingdom, Kuwait and Angola.

what are the commitments?

This program is a year-long commitment for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please note that if you are matched you are asked to meet with your partner at least 2 times per quarter (4 times per semester for law students).

Participants are also invited to attend the "Meet and Greet" event (date to be announced soon) to get to know other participants in the program, as well as your partner.

what are the activities?

There will be a "Meet and Greet" event to meet your program partner and get to know each other. Additional activities outside of ISSS will be arranged between the international students and DU Community Members.

Activities can range from a wide variety of different social interactions. Events do not have to be elaborate or costly. They can be as simple as, but not limited to the following suggestions:

Activity Suggestions
  • Coffee chats
  • A meal
  • Going to the movies
  • The Farmer’s Markets
  • Outdoor activities
  • Volunteer work
  • Visit local museums
  • Local concerts
  • Holiday events
  • Athletic events in Denver or on TV
  • Exploring neighborhoods or parks in Denver
  • Events that are taking place around the city of Denver

Recommendations for ticket and free events in Denver can be searched for here.

The ISSS office can make recommendations for events if program partners need suggestions

Expectations and Requirements 

For the DU Community Member (Faculty & Staff)

  • Contact your match within the first week of being matched.
  • Attend the initial "Meet and Greet"
  • Maintain contact with international student. Keep an open mind about your partner's culture, language ability, and time.
  • Show interest in your partner, ask questions, and choose good conversation starters.
  • Expect to meet 2 times each quarter with student partner (4 times a semester for law students).

For the International Student:

  • Respond to email and phone messages from your match in a timely manner.
  • Attend the initial "Meet and Greet"
  • Only share information about yourself and your culture that you are comfortable sharing.
  • Be open about activities that your DUCM suggests.
  • Invite your DUCM partner to activities of events on and off campus.
  • Expect to meet 2 times each quarter with DU Community Member (4 times a semester for law students).

For all participants:

  • This is not a dating service.
  • This is not a tutoring service.
  • Please respect each other's personal and religious beliefs. There should be no intent to proselytize or to convert anyone.
  • Please remember to keep an open mind about your program match and understand that there will be cultural differences. This is a great opportunity to have an open cultural exchange.
  • The host is usually expected to pay for the meal or activity. However, if hosts would like their student to pay for something, they should explain their expectations of payment in advance to the international student. Communicating is important to clarify expectations and the student and DU Community Member should discuss financial arrangements if necessary.


Questions should be directed to the Graduate Programming Assistant, Manda Wittebort, at: