Life in Ludlow: Daily Life

These photos convey something of the daily life in the tent colonies. One of the main goals of the Coal Field Archaeology Project is describing daily life in the tent colonies and exploring how the strikers dealt with the harsh and sometimes dangerous conditions of the strike.

Food for the strikers at Ludlow.

Preparing food for the strikers.
The UMWA supplied tents and ovens and assisted in organizing the strikers into the tent colonies.

Many artifacts have been found at the Ludlow site, including tin cans that appear to be for evaporated or condensed milk. Other artifacts found include tobacco tins, medicine bottles, a Heinz pickle jar, whiskey flasks, and even a coffee pot with bullet holes in it.

Detail of children, Ludlow Tent Colony.

Detail of strikers, Ludlow Tent Colony, 1914.

Detail of Ludlow Tent Colony, 1914.

Baseball game at Ludlow.

One of the striking coal miners.

Pete Katsulis, one of the strikers.

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