Refugees from the colony fled to friendly ranchers or to the nearby Black Hills, eventually making their way to Trinidad, where they were sheltered by the many sympathetic townspeople there. The bodies of the people killed at Ludlow were buried in Trinidad.

Refugees of Ludlow at the Trades Assembly Hall, Trinidad.

Refugee mother and child in Trinidad.


Preparing food for the strikers, possibly refugees from the massacre.


Procession for Louis Tikas' funeral, April 27, 1914, Trinidad.
Louis Tikas was the leader of the Greeks in the Ludlow Tent Colony. During the massacre, Tikas and two other miners were captured and at some point shot and killed by the militia. On April 20th, the day of the Massacre, the miners were celebrating Greek Easter.

Procession for Louis Tikas' funeral.

Coffins of victims of the Ludlow Massacre, Trinidad.

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