The Ruins of Ludlow

These photos show the scene that greeted the people
who came out to Ludlow several days after the massacre. Only 24 hours after the massacre, the camp was in complete ruins.

Rear view of ruins, Ludlow Tent Colony.
The Colony had been sprayed by machine gun and rifle fire and set on fire by the militia, and then looted by the militia after the attack.

The "Death Pit."

Another view of the "Death Pit."
Ludlow strikers dug such pits beneath their tents for protection from gunfire.

During the battle at Ludlow, four women and ten children took refuge in this pit dug beneath a tent. All but two, Mary Petrucci and Alcarita Pedregone, suffocated when the tent above them was burned. The dead included Mary Petrucci's three children and Alcarita Pedregone's two children. This pit became infamous as the "Death Pit."

Stove and ruins at the tent colony.

Many artifacts have been collected during archaeological digs at the Ludlow site, including personal items such as buttons, collar studs, suspender clips, items of jewelry, religious medallions, and toys that indicate a rapid abandonment of the site.

Militia posing in ruins of Ludlow.

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