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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Computer Science

Computer Science

Industry Advisory Board

The Department of Computer Science maintains strong relations with industry members and values their input regarding curriculum development and trends in the economy.  We are fortunate to meet with them annually and offer our students the opportunity to visit with them as well.

Daniel Berg, Skype

Jeffrey Cann, Senior Director, IT  - McGraw Hill  

Roger Chamberlin, Art Director, Direwolf Digital

Wilson Davis, VP, Western Union 

Patrick Fay, Fay Engineering Corp.  

Suki Fitzgerald, IBM Corporation

Christine Fiske, VP, Unison Systems, Inc - Solutions

Richard Gristak, Cherokee Consulting LLC  

Anand Kadur, Avaya 

Ahmad Kassak, Hewlett-Packard  

Woody Kober, Data Fusion  

Bao Le, Critigen

Patrick Leonard, Rogue Wave Software 

Mark Lyons, Idol Minds  

Khalid Mansour, Ciber, Inc.  

Idilio Moncivais, Executive VP & CTO, Unison Systems Inc 

Brian Robbins, Riptide Games 

Kathy Sapio, Sr Manager, Human Resources, CableLabs

Peter Stolz, VP Tech-X Corp

Kirstan Vandersluis, Xaware, Inc.  

Andrea Young, BI Incorporated 

Kelly Zorgdrager, President, Develop Intelligence LLC