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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)




Cast your vote! Voting closes Monday, February 8.

 What is the purpose of AHSS-SAC?

The purpose of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Student Advisory Council is:

  • To facilitate communication and relationships between Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences students and faculty through event programming and professional events;
  • To foster increased awareness and visibility of the AHSS identity;
  • To develop a student voice in AHSS event programming;
  • To be actively engaged in improving AHSS student spirit and university school spirit as a collective whole.

Our officers for 2015-2016

Kristen Powell, President

Major: Sociology

kristenpowellWhat would you like to accomplish this year for SAC and AHSS students?

This year we really want to create a space for AHSS students to feel valued. We hope to foster a new space and continue to connect students to events, faculty and alumni. We also have exciting plans to help students develop their personal and professional skills to ensure future academic opportunities. Aside from that, we hope to serve as strong representatives of the AHSS student population and their interests. 

Chris Bach, VP of Alumni Relations

Majors: Political Science, Public Policy, History

Gabrielle Healy, VP of Communication and Social Media

Major: Anthropology

gabriellehealyWhy is a liberal arts education important to you?

Liberal arts is about learning how to understand others. It is connecting ideas and concepts the hard sciences and math cannot understand through raw data. It is about learning new perspectives from old documents, conducting field research and interviews. It is thinking critically and combining information in new ways to expand knowledge and make a difference. 

Sommer Shearer, VP of Finance

Majors: Emergent Digital Practices & Psychology


What would you like to accomplish this year for SAC and AHSS students?

As a cross-disciplinary student, I hope to bridge the gab between all departments within AHSS and encourage students to explore events outside of their major. This will help expose students to new ideas, allow everyone to voice their opinions, and create space for students to appreciate the diverse community within AHSS.

Maggie Sweeney, VP of Programming and Events

Majors: Journalism & Political Science

What would you like to accomplish this year for SAC and AHSS students?Maggie SAC

This year I'd like to help the SAC focus on student involvement in and around campus. I think it's important to raise awareness of off campus volunteer opportunities within the community to help students recognize the significance of their impact in the community and how they can be of use to others around them. 

SAC Officer Meetings
All students are welcome to attend SAC officer meetings.